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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 9, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Melissa Skirboll
Written by:
Penny B. Jackson, Melissa Skirboll
Jeanine Bartel, Howard Hendrix Powell

A disgraced actor walks into a bar, where he builds a rapport with the bartender.


Jason (Powell) is a young actor whose latest work has made him a laughing stock and he is now being picked on by people. Maureen (Bartel) works as a bartender and her boss repeatedly makes unwelcomed advances to her. One evening, while walking through the streets, Jason ends up entering the bar where Maureen works, meets her at a section that closed for the night and the two of them start a conversation. As the friendly discussion carries on, they take a liking to one another and realise that they used to know each other.


This uplifting short is a romantic story that also contains elements of comedy and focuses on a chance encounter that happens to also be life-changing for the two individuals involved, as both of them are not content with their lives and their meeting brings them happiness and hope. They talk about their lives, discuss a variety of books, tease each other and eventually end up flirting and things turn romantic.


Bartel plays a person who, even though she works an unsatisfying job, she maintains her self-esteem and is cheerful and optimistic. One the other hand, Powell's character is feeling rather down, is less mature than Maureen (Maureen is twenty years older than Jason) and believes that his acting career might be coming to an end. Both actors deliver strong performances.


Skirboll also worked on the editing and does a great job, effectively utilising dissolve techniques. The soundtrack has wonderful jazz music and the song Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out is an excellent choice that fits perfectly.


This is a charming story that suggests that an unexpected meeting can be life-changing and that two unlikely people can become a couple. It also shows the significance of support and encouragement and that a person's life can change when they least expect it.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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