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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 26, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Ryan J. Smith
Written by:
Ryan J. Smith
Mitchell Fisher, Niamh Branigan, Neizan Fernandez, Ryan Davies, Harry McLafferty

A man wins the lottery and has his lottery ticket stolen. Attempting to retrieve it ends up having terrible consequences.


Lee (Fisher) is an unmotivated young man who gets himself into trouble and enjoys riding his bike. One day, while buying a lottery ticket, he meets newsagent Ruby (Branigan) and the two of them develop a rapport. Lee soon finds out that he has actually won millions due to his ticket. However, Ruby's former partner Will (Fernandez) disapproves of her new relationship and after assaulting Lee, he takes his winning ticket, because Ruby's number is written on it. Now Lee, along with the help of his friend Darren (McLafferty), must find a way to get it back.


This feature begins as a romantic drama about a guy meeting a girl and then things take a dramatic turn and the story becomes a thriller. Initially, it seems that Lee is going to become rich and spend his life with aspiring dentist Ruby. When things start going downhill, they keep going from bad to worse, leading to events such as beatings, murder and betrayal. The lottery ticket is the cause of the trouble, there are plot twists and a femme fatale, placing this movie into the category of blood money film noir. There is a lot of suspense throughout, tense moments, life-or-death situations and also moving scenes.


The strong screenplay contains interesting characters. Lee wants to find happiness and purpose in his life and he is willing to do the right thing. Ruby is a decent person who unwillingly gets involved into a nasty situation. Davies is great in his role as Lee's father, a police officer who cares about his son and Fernandez is quite convincing as the aggressive and menacing Will. All the main cast deliver strong performances.


There are some wonderful establishing shots and the filmmakers utilise creative lighting techniques. The beautiful and dramatic music also deserves commendations.


This movie will most likely keep the viewer intrigued with the plot and the suspense. On the surface, this is a tense thriller about a man finding himself in a very bad situation. However, there is more to this film than that. It is also a romance, it is also about finding someone special and it is also about the will to move on to better things.

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