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Journey Home

average rating is 5 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 9, 2021

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Journey Home
Directed by:
Christopher Houlston
Written by:
Christopher Houlston
Jennifer Martin, Mike Bodie, Alex Good

A couple's marriage suffers as the husband struggles to deal with a devastating loss.


It is the wedding anniversary of Hannah (Martin) and her husband (Bodie). Hannah attempts to convince him to go to church with her, which is something he has not done for a long time.He refuses in order to stay at home and make the required preparations for a surprise anniversary party. As he begins to do so, he has a sudden flashback of a traumatic event and as a result is unable to continue with the preparations. When she returns home, Hannah is deeply hurt by his failure to acknowledge their anniversary and the two of them end up arguing about their marriage, discussing their feelings and trying to comfort each other.


This short drama is very heavy on emotions and explores themes of marriage, loss and how much people need each other, how important it is to support each other. The story takes place at the couple's property and focuses on how a soldier's post-traumatic stress disorder is affecting him and his relationship with his wife. There are heartbreaking scenes that reveal how much the two protagonists are suffering by the husband's experiences from when he was away fighting a war. The film also shows that they care deeply for each other and are determined to overcome the obstacles in order to remain together.


Both Martin and Bodie deliver terrific and emotional performances as individuals who are hurting internally. Bodie is a person who is trying to deal with the loss that he suffered during a conflict and as a result he has unwillingly become distant towards his wife. Martin is a wife who loves her husband but is finding it more and more difficult to cope with the lack of communication she has with him.


The wonderful music by Stewart Dugdale is one of the strongest aspects here and includes a dramatic, beautiful piano score that adds great value to the scenes. Edward Massey creates outstanding cinematography, especially during the flashback scenes. There is also a brief and well-constructed scene that involves a flashback about the husband's experiences in warfare. The effective use of gunshot sound effects, shouting, sinister music and lighting techniques make this part harrowing and it provides a vivid insight into the husband's troubled state of mind.


This short film is a powerful and emotional story about a person attempting to overcome their sorrows. It presents a marriage that is on the brink of collapse and how love and support can keep it strong. The acting, script, music and cinematography make this an admirable achievement that deserves recognition.

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Jason Knight
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