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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 6, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Ravi Muppa
Written by:
Ravi Muppa
Vikram Singh, Ayushi Nema, Dev Chauhan

A hotel receptionist discovers that one of the guests is in serious trouble.


A man (Singh) works as a receptionist at a hotel. However, that is not the only thing he does there, as he has placed hidden cameras in one of the rooms and the en suite bathroom, so that he can film couples as they have intercourse and then he uploads the videos on a pornographic website in order to make money. One day, a man (Chauhan) and a young woman (Nema) rent the same room and through the cameras, the receptionist finds out that something very bad is going on.


This short is a thriller with a great deal of suspense and tension. With very limited dialogue, it tells a dark story that catches the viewer's attention right from the start and maintains it until the end. The plot deals with rather sinister subjects that include people unknowingly being filmed while they have intercourse and having the act being posted online, people trafficking and individuals being forced into prostitution. With this in mind and the addition of some scenes that are quite distressing, it should be mentioned that this film is not for sensitive viewers.


As the main character, the receptionist is mostly an anti-hero. Because of what he does with the cameras, the audience is unlikely to root for him, even though he decides to help the woman who is being used as a sex slave by the man who accompanies her. The receptionist proves that he has a heart, however that is not enough to redeem him. The character who gets the viewer's sympathy and support is the unfortunate young woman, who is in a terrible situation.


The story is told from the perspective of the receptionist and much of the film is seen through the spy cameras. By intercutting the hidden camera shots with actual shots, the director and writer Ravi Muppa creates a lot of tension. The dramatic, suspenseful and tense music by Mathew Job is a great aspect that helps create the right emotions and praise also goes to the cinematography provided by Azim Moollan.


This short thriller is certainly one that will keep the audience in suspense and occasionally at the edge of their seat. The acting is strong and the plot (although dark due to the subject matter) is quite intriguing.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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