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I am the Hand of Death

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 23, 2021

Film Reviews
I am the Hand of Death
Directed by:
Chris Gervais
Written by:
Chris Gervais
Allison Moore, Justin Voisine, Douglas Pelletier

The movie establishes the clues that something really horrific has happened in the cement plant by capturing the long shot of the cement factory and the dried-up vegetation of the place.

The movie highlights a major mishap at the cement plant that has claimed the lives of three people- Allison Moore (29), Justin Voisine (31), and Douglas Pelletier (62). The director shows the life routine of all the three victims and how their life takes a 360-degree turn and, they left behind their loved ones. The narrative is slow paced so that the viewers can understand what Chris is trying to convey to them. The poster of a dear is present at Douglas's house. The dear could be an indication of a weak prey ready to be eaten by a lion or a tiger.


The background music given by Apis Malfiore enhances the tension in the movie during the depiction of all three houses, assisting the script to alter the speed and dive into the actual subject quickly.


The DOP of the film Jorgen Buhl has tried to keep the movie close to realism by shooting the real life accounts of the victims on the video camera. Furthermore, Buhl highlights the intensity of the incident by showing the audience the mid-shot and close shots of people crying, blood, gun and, crime scenes. The mid-shot of search warrants issued by the police is another tool that is taken into consideration to pinpoint the gruesomeness of the shooting.


The cement plant and the city with some lights in the night are displayed in the shot. The voice-over news is also playing continuously updating about the firing at the crime scene. The news anchor gives us information about the killer who lost his job due to bad behavior.


The movie shifts to someone's living space as the news is still going on and no one is in the living room. The lighting changes and a black screen appears before the credit roles in. The black screen could signify that the people are still terrified of the incident and are still trying to cope with it.


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Swati Verma
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