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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 29, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alexandre David Lejuez
Written by:
Alexandre David Lejuez
Alexandre David Lejuez

The title of the short film-"Existere "has connotations of existence, life. It gives the audience an idea about the subject matter of the short film. The writer-director Alexandre David Lejuez opens the cinematic piece with a quote about life by Abraham Lincoln to get the viewers to think about the creative piece from the very beginning of the movie. The genre of the film is Fantasy where Alexandre builds the script to explore the concept of a few sections of life flashing before our eyes at the time of death. The white font of the title is used to indicate the peaceful state of mind and the red hue around suggests that the brain is preoccupied with the thought of the theory the makers want us to consider. The combination of yellow and red colour palette, lighting, set design, costume design along with background music complements the topic of the film. The camera tracks the protagonist followed by a mix of mid and close-up shots to capture every reaction of the main lead in the movie. The narrative of the film is from the point of view of Angelo who becomes a medium through which the director gets a chance to express his attraction towards the afterlife, souls, and the hidden memories related to it.


The storyline of the movie is about a man Angelo in his thirties who sees a few fragments of his life flashing before his eyes in a strange dream. It would be interesting to find out whether he can find answers to the question this weird dream has compelled him to ask?


Alexandre David Lejuez steps into the actors shoes himself for this movie. He makes the one-room drama more intriguing for the audience by using the flashes and editing skills to showcase the dreams Angelo is experiencing. He wants the audience to relate to the central character. The director wants the viewers to be convinced about his experiment. The audience feels that they are an active part of Angelo's journey through the abstract dream but whether the director is successful with influencing the viewers would be known later. There are no dialogues in the film to intensify the impression of traveling into the parallel world created by the director along with the creative team.


The director Lejuez has given the film an open- ended closure so that it can be interpreted according to the understanding of the crucial aspect of life at an individual level. The theme the film is highlighting cannot mean the same for everyone and can vary depending on their experiences.


This short film is a sense of involvement that consumes the audience fully. It talks about the importance of gaining knowledge about what happens after death? By achieving this insight struggles of losing a loved one at hands of death can be a little less painful. Existere attempts to tell us that the assumptions made in the film can be the harsh reality of life that no human can deny.

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