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Death of a Mule

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 13, 2024

Film Reviews
Death of a Mule
Directed by:
Ankit Singha
Written by:
Ankit Singha
Prakash Shaw, Arpan Dutta, Deep Nigam

The writer-director Ankit Singha utilises the Bengali culture to illustrate the intricate dance between the art and the artist and also the courage to dream and pursue one’s dream even when the world appears to be indifferent. Prakash Shaw and Arpan Dutta help Singha give shape to a heartfelt homage to the many artists navigating their path of rejection and self-discovery.


The plot of Death of a Mule revolves around two friends following their dreams trying hard to navigate missed opportunities and rejections. In the end, they leave behind an art that resides solely in the memories and dreams mirroring the life of a Mule who toils tirelessly but finds little value in the end.


Death of a Mule begins with a long shot of a field where Mule is seen standing with background music followed by the title of the movie appearing on the screen. Two friends are seen following the Mule embarking on a journey full of uncertainties and hope as indicated by the choice of the music by the makers increasing the degree of audience engagement with the content. Death of a Mule follows a nonlinear way of storytelling constantly shifting timelines giving different aspects of hardships in two varied eras. The set design, location, colour pallet, lighting, dialogue, costume, hair, makeup, and props are kept natural to suit the changing situation and the time depicted in the script.


In terms of performance, Prakash Shaw plays Uttaran a passionate screenwriter/photographer who wants his creative writing skills to be appreciated and given a chance to transform into a full-fledged movie so that it can emotionally appeal to the audience. Shaw’s body language, voice modulation, style of dialogue delivery, facial expressions and eyes depict both passion and disappointment as the narrative progresses. The young actor beautifully showcases the strength Uttaran’s character has and the viewers get inspired by the same trying to incorporate it into their lives too.

Arpan Dutta plays the role of Arindam is struggling musician/ guitarist who wants to make it big in the opportunities he will be provided in the future. Dutta portrays Arindam’s continuous hard work without the guarantee of success. Arpan Dutta depicts the range of emotions Arindam goes through when life tests him by increasing his plight daily.


Death of a Mule talks about dreaming and gathering the courage to turn those dreams into reality. Persistence is the key to believing in oneself even when people (potential employers) don’t believe in the employee’s skill. Alcoholism and smoking shouldn’t be adopted to heal the pain of failures as they can make life worse. The feature film reiterates the importance of the support system of friends as well as family who have the power to pick one up from their lowest and also make him/her feel better. The cinematic piece promotes the idea of simple and minimalistic living while pursuing what they love as the career option is the best way to deal with failures and rejections.

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