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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 14, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Peter J.S. Regan
Written by:
Peter Brady, Peter J.S. Regan
Peter Brady

A young quadriplegic gives a motivational speech about happiness.


A person who became paralysed from the shoulders down following an accident arrives on stage in a motorised wheelchair and addresses a crowd. He is there to promote a book he has written that is about being happy. He then proceeds to explain solutions that can help people overcome obstacles and live enjoyable lives.


This short inspiring emotional drama focuses on the life and achievements of an individual who suffered a devastating event, yet he managed to get through all the changes this caused to his life and become successful and content. The author's speech takes up the majority of the film and his words are emotional and strong and encourage hope, strength and joy to the audience. He states that his condition did not defeat him and he moved forward by been determined and by accepting the help of others. The speech intercuts with flashbacks that reveal information about the author, including a scene where the man is at the hospital, having just experienced the life-changing accident and a scene where he is trying to use his laptop and is having difficulties due to his paralysis. The flashbacks show that he is wealthy, as he lives in a large, posh house and they also reveal the struggles that he is going through due to his condition, indicating that even though he motivates others to believe in themselves and be strong, he himself is still fighting the challenges of being quadriplegic.


The author and star of the film comes across as a likeable and intelligent individual who appears to be keeping his inner struggles a secret. He is played by Peter Brady who is an actual quadriplegic, which makes the viewing of his speech and personal torment rather emotional, as that way people get a more realistic idea of what life is like living with paralysis.


Director of photography Adam Paluh does a great job with the cinematography and composer Megan Carnes develops wonderful music that sounds sentimental and dynamic.


There is a powerful montage sequence that makes effective use of fast cutting techniques and reveals the character's tormented state of mind. A scene that stands out involves the author being underwater. This haunting image seems to represent how he feels because of his inability to move: trapped and alone.


This short is rather memorable and quite an emotional ride. Operating a bit like a documentary, it provides an insight regarding what the life of a quadriplegic is like. Although sad at times, it offers hope and supports the idea that anyone can achieve great things.

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Jason Knight
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