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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 14, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Emma Jordon
Written by:
Emma Jordon, Jack Egleton

The font and black color used for the title of the short film "Arachnarche". The animation/horror genre is highlighted by the makers so that the content of the film can attract a large amount of audience towards the film. The poster of the cinematic piece is creatively designed. The name of the film is in white while the surrounding around the doll is black. The black color symbolizes mystery and power while the white color is all about purity and innocence. The background music of this animated film is carefully chosen to suit the mood of the film. The level of intensity in the sound is varied as per the situation in the script.




The director Emma Jordon and the writer Jack Egleton work towards building a concept that mixes animation and horror. It is a unique idea that gives the audience a chance to explore and experiment with the type of movies they like to consume. The set designer Giulia Croce plans out the dollhouse concentrating on the minute details of the same to keep it believable in the eyes of the viewers. The character designer Rebecca Jane wood has to understand the brief from the director and work on the character arc of both the doll and the spider. The director of photography Mitoshka Alkova uses her skills to dive straight into the action. It helps the audience to feel engaged with the film from the very start. The color grade given by Lorenzo Innocenti matches the mood of the film and enhances the impact the horror genre needs to have on the target audience. The use of red color in the story has connotations of danger, courage, anger, and life. The large size shadow of the antagonist instills the feeling of fear in the viewers as well.


A dollhouse is invaded by the spider and how the little doll fights all her fears to defend her home or there is something unexpected that is in store for her to experience makes up the basic plot of this short film.


The journey of the doll is captured so beautifully that it takes the viewers on an emotional ride where they want to safeguard the doll from all the dangers she faces as the narrative progresses.


The conclusion of the film is completely unexpected. The makers of this creative piece have kept an open-ended closure. The director Emma Jordon and her team do not impose their thought process on the audience. They tend to leave the interpretation of the film to the end consumers.


All the elements like the set design, lighting, camera angles, costume hair, and sound complement the genre of the film and help to hold the narrative together. The storyline does not lose the suspense factor. The animation team has done a superb job with the expression of the doll. It makes the film interesting retable and interactive for the audience.

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Swati Verma
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