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Adze The African Vampire

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 17, 2024

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Adze The African Vampire
Directed by:
John Droese
Written by:
John Droese, Benedicta Onyero Droese
Shawntae Hughes, Branden Greenberg, Nichole Banna, Kayla Jordan, Benedicta Onyero Droese

Four social media influencers attempt to track down a mysterious creature.


A feature-length horror film that appears to pay homage to the vampire and found footage genres.


The plot is one that is often seen in horror films: a group of people go to an isolated location in the countryside where something bad happens. In this case, the group of people are four online celebrities and a cameraman and the isolated location is a house near a forest where presumably the Azde, a deadly entity from African mythology, exists and feeds on blood. The influencers are Jack (Greenberg), who deals with fitness and reality TV, Sasha (Banna), who is involved in fashion, Raven (Jordan), who does video games and is an ex-military and Mr Big Money (Hughes), who investigates strange beings around the world, wears an eyepatch and is the one who organised the expedition. After obtaining information and advice from Prof. Elumah (Droese), who specialises in African mythology and folklore, the team set off to find the monster (if there is one) and there is a big cash prize to be won if it is found.


Almost the entire feature was filmed as found footage by utilising fixed cameras and smartphones, as the expedition that the characters embark on is to be filmed and posted online. Therefore, as is often the case in this type of filmmaking, the protagonists are usually looking at the camera while they talk.


The screenplay might be a problem. The film starts off interestingly enough, with the potential existence of the titular entity being discussed and then things go off-track. As the group is split into two (Money and Raven being one and Jack, Sasha and Bogo (the cameraman who is played by Kevin Miller) the other), the topics move away from the creature and focus on character exploration that includes trauma, relationships andJack's disrespectful behaviour. Eventually, the third act improves things, with the feature making good on its title.


Regarding the music, it has its ups and downs. It is adventurous, ominous and emotional and its presence does make the viewing experience better. However, at certain points it sounds unnecessary, especially when it is sinister, making the scenes feel awkward.


What type of film is this? A found footage vampire story should be an appropriate description. Although for a while it makes the viewer forget that this is a feature about a vampire, it is still an enjoyable experience with interesting characters and film references.

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