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Aaram Viral

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 19, 2023

Film Reviews
Aaram  Viral
Directed by:
Jairam Mouri
Written by:
Jairam Mouri
Gopinath Rajkumar

The writer-director Jairam Mouri strongly believes that the art of filmmaking is like an expensive form of therapy for him and he wants to address many issues that were part of Indian society long back with the help of the intricate script and a male protagonist (Gopinath Rajkumar).


The plot of the short film-Aaram Viral revolves around the people living in a small village who are still in grip of a social evil like untouchability and the effects of the same in every sphere of their lives.


The film opens with a radio message on untouchability, Aaram Viral wants to quickly establish the subject matter so that it can emotionally appeal to its target audience. The camera pans into a classroom set up to showcase the caste divide with the seating arrangements as well as conversations to add elements of realism and relatability to the narrative. The black, white, and brown with a hint of blue and green colour tones provide a sense of nostalgia and want the audience to experience the struggles of times when discrimination was prevalent due to the existence of the caste system. The filmmaker has incorporated references to great political leaders like BR Ambedkar, and many flashbacks as well as dream sequences assist in building up the essence and give it the necessary detailing to maintain continuity as well as ensure the smooth flow of the storyline. The set design, camera angles, lighting, dialogues, music, costume, hair, makeup, and props complement the simple way of storytelling.


In terms of performance, the leading actors and supporting cast understand the nuances of what Jairam Mouri wants to extract from them to make the finished product appealing in the eyes of the viewers. The actors chosen by the casting team fit the part as the audience can correlate all three the essence, the mood and the screenplay to enjoy the film.


Aaram Viral talks about the importance of education to claim all the well-deserved rights of the citizen of India. The short film reiterates the mission of the film that efforts should be made continuously till every human being is free of the tag of untouchable on account of his birth because everyone deserves equal opportunities to contribute to the development of their motherland. The dramatic piece also discusses education the matter of making right decisions if one wants to be a part of the change and work towards improvising the quality of life for self as well as the family. The movie restates that the existence of the caste system was considered a requirement during ancient times and protesting against the same is needed at present to provide the dignity to live life on their terms. The cinematic piece also tells us that despite the difference in caste, colour, and creed we should always be ready to stand together as a unit in case of emergencies.


To conclude I would like to say Aaram Viral sheds light on several integral issues within Indian society that it does not want to express the same to outsiders. The inclusion of the subtitles is of utmost priority if the makers want to reach a wider set of audience.

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