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  • Short Film Reviews | UK Film Review

    Short Film Reviews Welcome to the UK Film Review page for short film reviews . Here you will find some of the best and brightest sparks in a sea of cinema. Filmmakers from across the globe submit their short films to us to be reviewed, and our Contributors lovingly dissect them. If you would like one of our team to write a film review of your short film, please use the form below or visit our Submit Your Film page Our short film reviews are written by passionate film critics across the UK and aim to highlight and promote terrific filmmaking when we find it. We are always honest with our reviews, so if you are looking to submit your short film for review, please do so knowing that we will not alter what we have said because you don't like it. There is a wealth of amazing talent in the short film industry, and we hope by writing film reviews about this underexposed creativity we can get your movies to a new audience...but we need your help. Please join in the chatter on our social media channels so that we can grow our community and share the joy. Use the buttons in the footer to Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, and Subscribe to us on YouTube #supportindiefilm. Get Reviewed! Submit Your Short Film Film Type Landscape Still Upload supported file (Max 15MB) I want to subscribe to the filmmakers newsletter. I accept terms & conditions of the Privacy Policy. Select an item (£) 7-Day Written Review - £39 7-Day Written Review + Podcast Review - £69 PLEASE NOTE: The cost to Skip the Queue and a 1-Week Turnaround is £39. For FREE REVIEWS or other turnaround times - See Options HERE . Submit Your Film alexjames96 Mar 17 2 min After Hours Short Movie Review alexjames96 Mar 17 2 min Cinerama (Music Video) Short Film Review Chris Olson Mar 1 3 min Film Podcast: George Clooney Rowing Biopic Scoops Film of the Month Chris Olson Feb 22 3 min Film Podcast: Anthony Hopkins drama crowned "Film of the Month" alexjames96 Feb 17 2 min Mannequin Short Film Review alexjames96 Feb 17 2 min The Separation Short Film Review alexjames96 Feb 17 2 min Bare Foot Short Film Review William Hemingway Jan 18 8 min Filmmaker Interview with Jiwon Lee alexjames96 Dec 19, 2023 2 min Dominion Short Film Review alexjames96 Dec 19, 2023 2 min Homecoming (Music Video) Short Film Review alexjames96 Dec 19, 2023 2 min Sunset Drive Short Film Review Chris Olson Nov 28, 2023 5 min Filmmaker Interview with Alexander Ratter alexjames96 Nov 16, 2023 2 min Purely Cosmetic Short Film Review alexjames96 Nov 16, 2023 2 min What Remains Short Film Review alexjames96 Nov 16, 2023 2 min Sheep F-cked In the Head Short Film Review Chris Olson Nov 13, 2023 3 min Filmmaker Interview with Aimie Willemse alexjames96 Oct 13, 2023 2 min Uncharted Expedition Short Film Review alexjames96 Oct 13, 2023 2 min The Mountain Short Film Review alexjames96 Oct 13, 2023 2 min The Incredible Story of the First Woman Film Director Short Film Review Chris Olson Sep 30, 2023 2 min The Stupid Boy short film review More Film Reviews Whippy Patrick Foley The Other John James Learoyd What I'm Hiding From You Jason Knight Rooftops Swati Verma The Siren Chris Buick Music to Die For Jason Knight Who We Were Patrick Foley Rwd Fwd Swati Verma James Joe Beck Lochgoilhead Forever Chris Buick Waiting for a Train Jason Knight Dolce Far Niente James Learoyd Make a Wish James Learoyd Dustlight Chris Buick Shear Disturbance James Learoyd Deep It Swati Verma Trigger William Hemingway A Wild Life Joe Beck RedSin: Martyrs of Dissent Chris Buick Seagram Swati Verma NADIA Joe Beck Drawn Out Patrick Foley Do We Have A Chance? William Hemingway 18 Chris Buick Portal Swati Verma Load More Reviews What is a short film review? A short film review is often written by a movie critic and it's their opinion on a film that is less than sixty minutes long. Short film reviews still explore every aspect of a movie. How do I write a short film review? Writing a short film review needs to cover multiple aspects of the movie. Including the script, the characters, performances, cinematography, score & sound design, editing and so on. How long should a film review be? A film review should be as long as the house style. Some publications provide lengthier reviews than others. A general minimum word count would be 300. How much money do film critics make? Film critic salaries depend massively on their publication. Many film critics are freelancers, meaning they get paid per review and sometimes this is based on word count. Making money through film reviews can be challenging.

  • Film Reviews and Movie Trailers | UK Film Review

    FILM REVIEWS UK UK Film Review is a film reviews website based in London, UK. We promote films and movie trailers from around the world and support indie films that would usually find it hard to find the spotlight against the bigger films of cinema. From the latest blockbusters, to small indie cinema, we tackle as many films as we can. Reviewing them from all aspects, not just how many digital landscapes they blow up using CGI. We also review short films in the UK and internationally, helping filmmakers to promote their movies and raise their profile. If you would like to have a short or indie film reviewed by us, please submit all info using the button below. Take a look around, enjoy the spoils of filmmaking, film festivals and artistic expression. Our merry band of film critics are constantly hard at work, writing film reviews, or watching movie trailers for some of the most exciting movies coming out in UK cinemas. So to keep their morale up, please be nice...or at least funny if you choose to troll. Because, in the immortal words of Rick Moranis in the movie Spaceballs, "Keep firing A**holes!". By the way, on this film reviews website, you may see several references to Spaceballs. If you have not seen that classic Mel Brooks film, you MUST seek it out and tell us what you think. SUBMIT YOUR FILM Are You a Film Podcast Fan? Film critics Chris Olson and Brian Penn host a monthly podcast for all types of film fans! ​ Whether you like the latest blockbuster releases, or streaming is your thing - we have you covered. ​ We even review short and independent films on the podcast. ​ Our final review is usually for a "Nostalgia" pick - something from the past worth revisiting. Previous picks for this have included Jaws, The Fly, and Good Will Hunting. ​ Search UK Film Review Podcast wherever you like to listen and join our global community of film lovers. Film Reviews from UK film critics LATEST REVIEWS Whippy The Other John Straight Through Crew Civil War What I'm Hiding From You Sting Rooftops The Siren Music to Die For Who We Were The Founder Effect Monkey Man Load More

  • Music Video Reviews | UK Film Review

    Music Video Reviews One of the most exciting sub-genres our critics review is music videos. They are often incredible pieces of storytelling, either in their own right or aligned with the song playing over them. On this page you will find a great selection of music video reviews from the team of critics at UK Film Review. ​ If you are a filmmaker or artist who would like us to review your music video, submit your film here . ​ When it comes to reviewing a music video, the process differs slightly from perhaps a narrative short film or documentary. The music has to be explored far more intimately than if it were a soundtrack because that's where the story originates from rather than being added further down the line. Music videos do conform to genres but these are often musical genres rather than film categories, for example pop, folk, rock, rap etc. So this will also influence the music video review our critics write because the target audience is going to be considered. ​ Music videos may take a variety of forms or even combine different aspects to create a different effect on the viewer. For example, it is common for a music video to contain a small narrative, as well as live performance footage. Top filmmakers making music videos will be able to immerse you into the song and story without leaving you feeling like you have just watched a promo piece. ​ Choreography is also a common trait in music videos, with dance sequences and flash mobs recurring - often in pop music videos. Editors of music videos will have their work cut out to ensure the choreography looks tight and engaging without it feeling staged or lifeless. ​ Hopefully the array of music video reviews you see below will include some gems for you to peruse. Don't forget to scroll to the bottom of the article, as we often include the actual music video so you can watch it for yourself. Rooftop Screamers Joe Beck Hot Chip Eleanor Swati Verma A New Kind of Life Jason Knight Vaarwell - Quarter Life Crisis - EP Campaign Patrick Foley KYTLY - "Neverending" Patrick Foley Rebel Rob Jones Millais Flower Honey - Sugarless Rob Jones Som.1-Ultimatum Jason Knight My Brain Does Not Compute William Hemingway alexjames96 Mar 17 2 min Cinerama (Music Video) Short Film Review alexjames96 Dec 19, 2023 2 min Homecoming (Music Video) Short Film Review alexjames96 Nov 16, 2023 2 min Sheep F-cked In the Head Short Film Review Theo Aug 1, 2022 2 min Service for The King short film review Chris Olson Sep 28, 2021 2 min Stroke Code Music Video Review Alicia Moore Sep 22, 2021 3 min COVID 19 Music Video Review More Film Reviews

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  • Film Podcast: Wicked Little Letters Named Film of the Month

    Film Feature by Chris Olson UK Film Club was back in March with a new episode of their film podcast. Hosts Brian Penn and myself (Chris Olson) brought you a jam-packed show with a heavy dolloping of great movies to check out, across the spectrum of film. As with all episodes of UK Film Club, the podcast covered theatrical releases (in cinemas), streaming movies, independent cinema (short films & features), and a nostalgia pick. It was one film that impressed Brian the most though and his coveted Film of the Month award went to Wicked Little Letters starring Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley, Timothy Spall, Anjana Vasan and more. In Brian's written film review, he summed the plot thusly: Rose Gooding (Jessie Buckley) is a feisty Irish girl who brings her daughter to the sleepy town of Littlehampton in the 1920s. Her husband died during the Great War and aims to start a new life in a tight knit community. However, trouble is afoot when she falls out with God fearing neighbour Edith Swann (Olivia Colman), who mysteriously receives poison pen letters laced with profanity. Her father Edward (Timothy Spall) is an upstanding member of the community and repulsed by such vile prose. Soon these wicked little letters are dropping through everyone's letter box. Read our full Wicked Little Letters Review here Soon to be on home entertainment release, I look forward to checking out Wicked Little Letters. Other movies covered in the film podcast episode 13 of UK Film Club included: Bob Marley: One Love - a biopic about the legendary music artist. Brian found this to be a safe but effective film, perhaps a little too sterile for its own good. Dune: Part 2 - a fan of Part 1, this second outing seemed to have lost its magical appeal with Brian, who likened it more to Marvel movies. If you want another film podcast opinion, check out the episode by The Fantom Zone on the UK Film Review Podcast - it goes into incredible detail! Spaceman - a Netflix movie starring Adam Sandler, this was an interesting film to say the least. It will make you think about all manner of humanity but leave you pondering how you felt about the journey. I Bring Joy - a powerful and potent indie feature film. Written and directed by filmmaker David Stuart Snell, this female-led thriller set in London pulls no punches with an incredible story about a dancer who finds a new way of life after almost being mugged. Everyone - written and directed by filmmaker Marcus Flemmings, this indie comedy set in a restaurant and told in real-time was a big hit with both me and Brian - a firm recommendation! Dagr - a fantastic found-footage film about two social media influencers attempting to run a scam who end up on the receiving end of some serious scares. Expertly done and proof that films on phones can be excellent! The ACTT - a humble and comedic short film about a community theatre group attempting to organise their new show. Full of classic theatre stereotypes and playful jibes at the scene, it's a fun movie. Beneath a Mother's Feet - from filmmaker Elias Suhail, this gripping and movie short film about one woman's struggle to be a mother and widow makes for essential viewing. Absolutely knockout! The UK Film Club podcast is one of several shows on the UK Film Review Podcast and can be found on all top platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, PodBean, Pocket Casts and more.

  • After Hours Short Movie Review

    ★★★ Starring: #KieranReeves, #ZainUllah, #TeniOsho, #ArchieClark, #OliviaBurley Directed by: #Shayaan Short Film Review by: Alexandra James After Hours is a short crime film that explores some extremely dark themes. The film begins in a flat, people have been drinking, but there is one girl in particular who seems to have taken drunkenness to another level and unfortunately for her, this leaves her in a very dangerous and vulnerable position. The audience at this stage can guess what happens next for this young girl, and its at this point the story takes a sinister turn. Director Shayaan who also created North Nights has a clear passion for crime and gangster theme short films and has created his own cinematic style and its interesting to see this carry through to the film After Hours. You can see there is a particular look and feel to each of his films and its great to see this established style develop within his projects. Many of the camera angles used throughout this film were diverse and set this film at an impressive level in terms of quality. There were occasions that the film appeared too dark in places so became difficult to make out what was taking place, however, the car scenes and within the parking garage were all fantastic and helped to create this into an action-packed short. Moreover, the main protagonist was a great choice of actor, the character was filled with rage and needed to establish that dominance over others, so it was crucial that he was able to tap into that deep emotion and convey his pain and torment. I would liken this actor to Stephen Graham, who can portray a wide range of emotions in such a deep and raw way that the audience are able to feel that character’s pain. This is a crucial skill to adopt for any actor and makes for an exciting and dramatic film. Unfortunately, not all the actors were up to this standard, and this can simply be put down to inexperience and lack of confidence, this is a skill that can be acquired over time, it meant that some of the characters seemed very detached from the scene and looked somewhat emotionless when dealing with some extremely heavy and dark subjects. It was also difficult to understand how the characters were connected to one another and the story sometimes became lost amongst the chaos. With a short film, the audience need to be able to connect with the characters and know the link between them to follow the central story. When trying to determine this, the story becomes confused, and it can be hard to remain engaged. Keep it tight and concise, with such an action packed and dramatic piece we need to establish whose who so that we can watch the turmoil unfold and develop. All in all, there are some great elements to this film and Shayaan should continue to develop his projects further and delve deeper into the world of crime films, this is a clear passion of the directors that should be explored.

  • Cinerama (Music Video) Short Film Review

    ★★★★★ Directed by: #MaxFox Short Film Review by: Alexandra James Cinerama is a short music video created by Matt Fulks also known as the Mad Fox. It is a short rap video, however, its also a great trivia game in terms of how many movie references you can spot in 3 minutes and 47 seconds. This video is crammed with fantastic edits of classic movies from Psycho, The Shining, North by Northwest to James Bond, Happy Gilmore, Pulp Fiction and so many more. However, this is not a video that does things by halves as a lot of detail is put into each movie reference, and there are a lot! The imagination and creativity within this short video are at a high level. It was great to see some classic films being included as well. The video begins in a cinema and there are numerous short clips of famous scenes from movies we all love. Combined with the lyrics, the video fit in perfectly with the scenes, and is jam packed with references, it was hard to keep track of them all. What worked well was the level of detail, it’s clear that a green screen was not used to portray the reimagining of all these scenes (apart from E.T flying past the moon!) instead a lot of hard work and effort is put into this piece and Cinerama certainly reflects that dedication to the project. This is certainly a challenging video, as not only does the song and lyrics need to come across powerful and engaging but also our protagonist needs to remain in character for a bunch of different roles. Essentially Cinerama is multiple videos wrapped into one which is a difficult concept to pull off, however, the transitions between each scene are seamless. I really enjoyed seeing some oldies but goldies in there, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s classics, however, the overall vibe of the video is young, fresh, and appealing to people of all ages by mixing old with the new. It did feel as though we were bombarded with a lot of scenes, and it would have been great to see these cutaways for a longer length of time to really appreciate the amount of work and detail in each scene, understandably with 30 different movie references it can become overwhelming! However, this is not a negative it just would have been great for the audience to really admire and take in each scene. Cinerama was attention grabbing, creative and energetic. I would love to see more of Matt Fulks innovative projects as well as see this creativity develop further with his love of music and cinema, this can pave the way for any artist to reflect this passion within their work.

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