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We Are The Night

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 19, 2021

Film Reviews
We Are The Night
Directed by:
Alessandro Amaducci
Written by:
Fed Conti
Catena, Eurinome, Stella

A combination of beautiful animation and wonderful music create a rather unique music video.


Composer Conti and director Amaducci collaborate and the combination of their creativities resulted in a five-minute long video that is filled with captivating visuals and a rich and enjoyable score.


Visually, this video consists of a montage of images that offer a surreal viewing experience. Many of the images contain women, the vast majority of which are naked and for it should be mentioned that the nudity is rather graphic. Women appears to be the main subject here as are constantly present throughout the video, either lying down, standing, dancing or floating in the sky. Although many women are seen, the ones that stand out the most are the ones who are dancing and it gives the impression that they are dancing to the music that is heard. Some of the women remain still, while others move. Women are seen in all sorts of environments, including mountains, beaches, the countryside, near buildings and there is architecture that resembles Ancient Greece. The animation looks beautiful and every moment looks like a painting coming to life. The sequences that utilise computer animation look great and there are brief moments that include live action.


Concentrating on the music now, the track, it consists of a mixture of psychedelic, electronic and nu jazz and listening to it is relaxing and mesmerising. Viewing the film while hearing this song is quite an experience, in a way it brings the audience into a world that feels like a dream.


Due to the nudity, this video will probably not appeal to everyone, however the creativity that was put into it is admirable and the outcome is an experience that takes the viewers on a journey that will most likely leave a memorable impression.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
Short Film, Animation
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