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Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 15, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Pablo Pagan
Written by:
Adria Cerezo, Pablo Pagan
Ana Barja, Neli Llado, Oscar Domenech

A young woman takes some mysterious pills, leading to sinister and otherworldly events.


A dark story with a nonlinear narrative that involves the afterlife.


The story takes place in Barcelona and revolves around Camila (Barja), a youth who makes a living by working as a party truck driver and takes care of Carmen (Llado), an ill and elderly loved one who is in a motel room. One night, while cleaning the lorry after a party, she finds a small container and inside are some strange pills. Every time she takes one, she appears to be transported to a supernatural existence where she is maybe a ghost. Meanwhile, her dead body is found by police, who try to piece together the events that led to her death.


As the narrative is nonlinear, the screenplay alternates between the authorities, particularly detectives and forensics investigating Camila's bizarre death and Camila (or is it her spirit?) as she goes through magical experiences each time she takes a pill. Camila seems to be an outsider. A lonely and sad person who is isolated from the world and does not appear to be enjoying life. The pills seem to be providing her with a way to blend in the crowd, even as an invisible version of herself as, for instance, after taking a pill she finds herself inside the lorry, in the middle of a dancing crowd who are unaware of her presence. Combining this with the police investigation, the film could be categorised as a supernatural neo-noir thriller and a character study in Camila, a quiet person whose life changes after she finds some pills.


The atmosphere is an aspect that stands out. The entire story takes place during night-time, providing a dark and surreal environment. Adria Acker's tense score and the creative lighting techniques, along with Marti Cirera's cinematography add significantly in creating a sinister tone. Also, the frequent close-ups of a dead body contribute.


This short is a dark ride. A journey into a nightmarish world involving death. However, the film is also about isolation and the desire to find a way to connect with people and Barja's dramatic performance is a big tool in building an emotional experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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