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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Feb 16, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Stanley Roubaix
Written by:
Stanley Roubaix
Betty Anyika

The title of the short film-Void has a connotation of a completely empty space and the writer-director Stanley Roubaix depicts the same beautifully in the life of the female protagonist (Betty Anyika). Roubaix manages to increase the degree of audience engagement with the content of the film even in a short running time.


The plot of the movie revolves around a homeless woman who breaks into the house of a recently deceased man looking for food and shelter but after lighting a Candelabra a series of disturbing events is set into motion.


In the opening sequence of the film the cinematographer Oliver Ibbotson utilizes the tracking shot as the camera pans into the haunted house establishing the topic of the dramatic piece. A voice-over is also included with a series of mid-shots, close-up shots, and extreme close-up shots to introduce the central character to the narrative. The set design, dim lighting, background sound, white, black, grey, and brownish colour pallet, dialogues, location, costume, hair, makeup, and props add eerie feels and also realism to the storyline. Stanley Roubaix attempts to create a contrast by using colourful warm clothes to depict the hope and positivity the heroine carries despite being surrounded by unforeseen situations all through. He also works towards ensuring smooth editing as well as continuity factor so that the viewers don’t lose interest and also the emotional connection with the creative piece. The makers have incorporated a special surprise for the audience in the post-credit scene to make sure that the concept of Void stays with them to maintain a sense of suspense, mystery, and thrill even after watching the movie.


In terms of performance, Betty Anyika plays the role of the poor homeless lady who breaks into the house of a man who has recently died to survive extreme weather conditions. Anyika portrays the physical and emotional trauma she has gone through yet the challenges continue as she reaches the man’s place. The actress showcases the hesitant yet desperate, apprehensive behaviour and fear in her body language, facial expression, eyes, and voice modulation assists in elevating the subject matter as well as making it more relatable and emotionally appealing for the viewers.


Void talks about the need to never let go of a ray of hope and positivity to fight with all the struggles one has to face daily. The short film reiterates that one should not trespass on a stranger’s personal space in a normal situation but survival becomes of utmost importance for every human. The horror movie teaches us that it is significant to have basic knowledge of fundamental skills required to combat any emergencies. The cinematic piece restates what people feel with regard to their property and how far they are willing to go to any extent to protect the same.

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Swati Verma
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