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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 16, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Chase Pearson
Written by:
Chase Pearson
Aaron Latta-Morissette, Melanie Rains, Daniel Victor

A man attempts to make his date's fantasy come true.


It is night-time and new couple Clark (Morissette) and Helen (Rains) are returning to her wealthy home after having had a date together. It is Clark's first visit to her property and she invites him in. As they get cosy together, things move towards having intercourse, however there is a catch: Helen wants to take this opportunity to fulfil her fantasy, which involves her pretending to be a rape victim. So she tells Clark to re-enter her house wearing only underwear and a ski mask and pretend that he is a rapist. He reluctantly agrees and what follows are some rather awkward moments.


This short comedy has quite a situation: a young woman convincing her new partner to force himself on her by pretending to be a sex offender. It is a rather vivid plot and certainly an intriguing one that creates a fair share of funny moments that are primarily related to Clark. Watching him wonder around the house nearly naked, his face covered by a ski mask, wondering what on earth he is doing and trying to build up the courage to put on a good show, is weird but certainly amusing (if the viewer enjoys that sort of humour) thanks to Morissette's performance. The film also ends up having nail-biting moments, which are of a funny nature.


Apart from the story and the comedy, another feature that gives this film a great deal of positive quality are the plot twists. The screenplay effectively convinces the audience that they know what is going on and then the revelation occurs, making the situation even more awkward. It should also be pointed out that the plot twist at the end is rather clever and unexpected.


Commendations go to Parker Tolifson for the beautiful and moody cinematography and Sam Leinen deserves recognition for the editing that creates a well-constructed montage sequence. Regarding the audio, composer Hayley Rosenthal adds some romantic music and the song You're Lonely and I'm Lonely was a superb choice.


This short is an adult comedy that revolves around sexual fantasies and it tells a story that is funny and once the oddity begins, it continuously escalates. It might not be for everyone, however the plot and the entertaining acting make this a fun viewing for those who like adult humour.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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