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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 12, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Andrew Zuckerman
Written by:
Andrew Zuckerman, Dillon Orth
Chloe Skoczen, Trace Guzman, Dillon Orth, Elijah McNally, Ali Rosenthal, Xavier Goodman, Maya Caulfield, Madi Hart

A dramatic insight into the lives of several college students.


The story follows two groups of young friends. One consists of three boys: Jaimie (Guzman), Wyatt (Orth) and Drew (McNally) and the other consists of Chloe (Skoczen), Sam (Rosenthal) and Leila (Caulfield). Jaimie and Chloe are in a relationship which is being put to the test as Chloe is going to be moving to New York City for studies. The audience observes the youngsters over the course of a weekend as the guys go to a cabin in the countryside to relax and the girls celebrate Leila's birthday.


With his feature film debut, Zuckerman creates an experience that is about self-discovery, about making plans for the future and finding one's place in the world. It also explores themes of romance and friendship. Various events take place that affect the lives of the protagonists and they include Chloe's decision to move to New York, Wyatt's discovery that his former girlfriend has met someone else and the relationship that Drew begins with Bella (Hart). There are moments of joy and moments of confrontation and drama. The characters are seen having a good time, partying, talking to each about how they feel and trying to deal with their issues. The film also shows relationships ending and the beginning of others.


The performances are quite good and specific mention goes to Orth, who portrays a sporty character who goes through a great deal of drama with the knowledge that his ex-girlfriend does not want him back. Skoczen and Guzman are convincing as a seemingly idyllic couple, who might actually not be right for each other. Goodman also does a good job as the cheerful host of a college campus radio show.


The movie has a rather entertaining soundtrack and a great deal of praise goes to the animation during the opening credits. The screenplay effectively explores the characters' lives.


This is a moving and thoughtful film about individuals who are at a stage where their life is going through significant changes. The main message it appears to be carrying is that sometimes things just do not work out and people should come to terms with the facts and move on. Well acted and with a narrative that contains elements many young people can identify with, this feature is an achievement that deserves recognition.

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