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Ukraine War, In the eyes of refugees

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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 23, 2022

Film Reviews
Ukraine War, In the eyes of refugees
Directed by:
Olivia M. Pfaff
Written by:
Olivia M. Pfaff
Alin Galeata, Victoria Skrypka, Daniel Denes

On the 24 of February 2022, Russian military forces invaded Ukraine, marking the beginning of a terrible, ongoing invasion that has caused millions of Ukrainians to leave their country. This short documentary examines the struggles of the Ukrainian refugees and the efforts by various organisations to help them.


Much of the footage was shot at refugee camps in Romania. A variety of individuals are interviewed, including Captain Alin Galeata, refugee Victoria Skrypka, Daniel Denes and several refugees and their children.


Galeata works for the Romanian General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations and gives the audience a tour around a refugee camp, showing the facilities and explaining the procedures and how the refugees are assisted. Denes does humanitarian work and provides food and other products to the displaced people. By seeing what these two individuals are doing and the effectiveness of the refugee camps, one can understand the great efforts that are being done in order to help the refugees.


A few refugees and their children are interviewed while they are staying at a camp. They talk about who they are, how the war has affected their lives and how they try to cope. Listening to their stories is quite moving and reveals how wars destroy lives.


A lot of emphasis is placed on the children in the refugee camps. Apart from speaking about their experiences with the conflict, they are seen playing with each other and having fun. Although their lives have been significantly changed by the invasion, they appear to maintain positivity and happiness.


'War is not healthy for children and other living things' is a statement that is uttered by some interviewees and by being repeated throughout the film, it becomes apparent that the documentary is sending support to the refugee children and defying war.


Journalist Mark L. Owen provides voice-over and does a great job. Sultan Alkazmi creates a powerful score that adds significant value.


This interesting, informative and dramatic documentary provides an insight into how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has turned people into refugees and the generous efforts that are being done to help them. It shows support for the refugees, their children and the people who help them. It contains messages that oppose warfare and suggests that determination, courage, unity, support and generosity can keep people strong even during very harsh times.

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Jason Knight
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