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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 6, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alexander Milo Bischof
Written by:
Dylan Edwards, Alexander Milo Bischof
Dylan Edwards, Shaun Dooley, Natasha O'Keeffe, Gerald Kyd

A troubled man travels through England in order to reach Scotland, where his former partner and child are.


Joe (Edwards) has just been released from prison and arrives at Margate, where he is provided with accommodation at a building and joins a rehabiliation program under the guidance of Neil (Dooley). Joe intends to save enough money so he can go to Scotland and be with his daughter, Grace and her mother. Joe keeps himself to himself, goes for walks along the beach, works out, develops a rapport with Neil and ends up getting employed by him. However, a terrible act forces Joe to go on the run and desperately make his way to Scotland.


This feature is a heavy drama that follows a man whose life seems to have reached a dead end. The atmosphere is generally downbeat throughout, without much presence of joy. Although Joe gets friendly with Neil, who has his own tragic past, things do not look very bright for him, as he keeps to himself and has noisy neighbours. And just when it looks like he is on a steady path, the atrocious event occurs and Joe grabs his stuff, steals a bicycle and hits the road. Along the way, he visits a former acquaintance from his days in the army, has a meaningful conversation with a priest and goes through more dramatic experiences with other people. Some of the experiences he has on his way to his destination are either bad and reflect on his past mistakes, while others offer a glimpse of hope for him.


The character of Joe is a broken man. Edwards's superb and emotional performance creates a reserved, quiet war veteran and former prisoner, who is suffering from war trauma and is torn apart by his past. He now lives in a world where there does not appear to be anything left for him, his sole purpose being to reach his destination.


Commendations go to Bischof's wonderful directing, which includes well-executed long takes and fantastic establishing shots, that are supported by Ariel Artur's moody cinematography. The soundtrack contains a selection of poetic and beautiful songs that significantly add to the atmosphere.


This film could be categorised as a road movie drama about regrets, loss and inner struggles. It is a sad and painful journey but also a powerful one that explores the hardships of life. Beautifully shot, with strong acting and a devastating ending, this feature is a memorable viewing that offers a hard-hitting perspective on life.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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