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Two Timing Tony

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 22, 2022

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Two Timing Tony
Directed by:
Rusty Rehl
Written by:
Jon Waters, Quinn Aikele, Rusty Rehl, Riley Gurr

Two guys go to a meeting place, hoping to buy some illegal drugs. However, things do not go according to plan.


Two men, Kyle (Aikele) and Steve (Rehl), arrive at a motel with the intention of meeting a drug dealer named Henry (Gurr) and exchanging their cash for drugs. When they reach the arranged room, they are greeted by Tony (Waters), who claims to be an acquaintance of Henry's, who should be arriving shortly, with the illegal substances. He invites them in, offers them a drink and the three of them have a chat about various things. When Tony leaves, after promising to return, Kyle and Steve begin to realise that something is wrong.


Filmed in a motel, over the course of eight hours, this entertaining crime comedy is based on a true story by American pickpocket and showman Apollo Robbins. Through well-written dialogue, this short tells an amusing story about drug dealing, trust, deception, alcoholic drinks, jazz music and troubled relationships. The vast majority of the narrative takes place inside the motel room, with Tony, Kyle and Steve relaxing, having a laugh and discussing the deal that is about to take place. The fact that they talk about irrelevant things is quite humorous, considering that the intention of the meeting is a drug deal.


Waters plays the character who stands out the most, that being a cheerful, friendly dude who wears a robe and enjoys a good drink, jazz music and illegal drugs. He does most of the talking, while Kyle and Steve listen. Aikele and Rehl do a great job, with Rehl portraying a laid-back guy, while Aikele's character is more down-to-business.


Visually, the film looks wonderful, thanks to the cinematography by director of photography Dan Harper and creative lighting techniques. Regarding the audio, there are some cool sound effects and a lot of praise goes to Taylor Ross for the jazz music that is heard throughout the film.


This short offers an enjoyable experience with an intriguing plot, interesting characters and great dialogue. The plot twist at he end is quite clever and the behind-the-scenes footage during the end credits is a real treat. As the film ends with the words 'To be continued..', one should be excited for a continuation.

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