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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 23, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Gregory Romein
Written by:
Gregory Romein
Carlos Tejeda, Helena Dvornicka

The writer-director Gregory Romein likes to focus on the stories on high stakes driven narratives to showcase the turbulent nature of emerging digital money and what effects it can have on cryptocurrency content creators through the character of Mr. Biz (Carlos Tejeda).


The plot of the short film-Tulip revolves around Mr. Biz a crypto Youtuber who gets caught in the euphoria of the markets before it comes crashing down.


The name of the film Tulip, the font and the colour, as well as the poster has been kept simple with no technical jargon so that the viewers can become familiar with the dynamic industry of cryptocurrency and also build an emotional connection with the content and make it relatable for a larger section of the audience. The movie opens with a black screen followed by a mid-shot of a WhatsApp conversation a voice notes that assists the makers to establish the subject matter it deals with. A series of mid-shots, close-up shots, and extreme close-up shots are utilised to track the daily routine of the male protagonist and provide a sense of being involved with the audience as the storyline moves on smoothly. The combination of white, blue, green, black, and grey colour pallet, set design, lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props elevate the essence of the virtual buying and selling and key messages Tulip is trying to communicate. The editing skills are effectively used to highlight the overlap between the time spent juggling normal day-to day activities and as a crypto Youtuber.


Carlos Tejeda plays Mr. Biz a crypto Youtuber who has developed an interest to step into the world of digital currency to find a way to deal with his problems with his father. Tejeda beautifully portrays the conviction as well as the expertise required to come up with new ideas every day for each video being uploaded on the social media platform. The young actor also depicts the emotional trauma efficiently adding an element of realism giving a chance to the viewers to learn from the film.

Helena Dvornicka as Ms. Ayers becomes the much-required emotional support in times of need for Mr. Biz. Both of them connect because presently their life situation matches. Dvornicka understands the nuances of the character arc given to her and portrays the multiple layers with the help of body language, dialogues, and gestures giving a whole new perspective to the way we look at life in general.


Tulip talks about the need to keep ourselves updated with the changing technology, explore societal transformation, and adopt the fresh trend of digital currencies. The dramatic piece reiterates the importance of human contact especially when one wants to combat loneliness to beat issues like mental illness in the long term. The comedy film restates that just like the coin every industry also has two sides to it if someone has enjoyed the good things he or she should also be ready to face the brunt as change is the only constant. The cinematic piece tells us that achieving success in the virtual world of cryptocurrency but being close to the real world is also crucial as most people must learn the tricks to handle both success as well the popularity they receive.

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Swati Verma
Swati Verma
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