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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 1, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Gabriel Brown
Written by:
Sam Richardson
Eleanor Grainger, James Craister, Alan Davison

A man exacts vicious revenge on his cheating wife.


Amy (Grainger) wakes up in a garage, with her hands tied. Her partner Henry (Craister) has brought her here and he is furious. Henry accuses her of having had an affair with a guy named John and now he wants to get even. Amy pleads with him to let her go, however, it is soon proven that things have past the point of no return.


This short is an adultery/revenge thriller that is filled with tension and dread from start to finish. The screenplay places the viewer in Amy's shoes, who is trapped in a desperate situation. At the mercy of Henry, she constantly begs him to stop and that she is remorseful for her actions. However, her captor is beyond the point of forgiveness and has turned into a bloodthirsty monster. He threatens her with a knife, repeatedly and angrily blames her for having destroyed their lives and demonstrates just how far he has gone. The atmosphere gets worse and worse and it is evident that things are going to end terribly. Then, the plot twist arrives, one that belongs in the same category as The Usual Suspects, one that makes the audience question everything they witnessed previously.


It might be hard to know which character to side with, as both Amy and Henry have done terrible things. Amy has betrayed her husband and Henry has kidnapped her and threatens her life. Although Amy is the one who primarily comes across as the victim, as she is the one who is tied up and tearfully begging for her life, Henry is also a victim, a victim to her selfish cheating. Both Grainger and Craister deliver very strong performances.


The film gains from a beautiful cinematography thanks to Caleb Chambers and Brown creates some well-executed long takes. The sinister and dramatic music by Lucy Green is a great addition and crucial when it comes to developing a menacing and dreadful atmosphere.


This short grabs the viewer's attention right from the beginning and never loses its grip. The dramatic protagonists, intriguing plot, dreadful atmosphere and unpredictable ending make this quite a memorable experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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