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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 27, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Mike Donahue
Written by:
Jen Silverman, Mike Donahue, Dane Laffrey
Adina Verson, Michael Braun, Florian Klein

A couple are forced to deal with a neighbour who has loud intercourse.


Thea (Verson) and Charlie (Braun) live together in a New York City apartment. Unfortunately, they are facing a problem: their next-door neighbour Troy (Klein) frequently has very loud and lengthy intercourse and the noise is making their daily lives difficult and things get quite embarrassing when they have visitors. The couple discover that Troy invites men to his apartment to have sex with him for money, however his actions result in his boyfriend breaking up with him and he becomes very upset. Thea and Charlie can hear just how bad he is deteriorating mentally and decide to try to find a way to help him.


This short is an adult comedy drama that has a plot that centers on a rather awkward and embarrassing situation. The story is told through the perspective of the unfortunate couple and the screenplay effectively explores how Troy affects their lives. viewer follows them as they attempt to cope with Troy's activities, try to find out more about him, talk about him with their friends and attempt to help him recover following the bad ending of his relationship. Troy himself has little screen time and he looks like just like an everyday guy. The couple never interact with him in person and make efforts to assist him through other individuals. The film is entertaining: a person unwillingly annoying their neighbours with noisy sex is a humorous plot, however there is also drama.


There is no non-diegetic music, but viewers will often hear the sounds of intercourse (which is not shown) due to Troy being busy.


Visually, the film looks great thanks to Ryan De Franco's cinematography and some creative lighting techniques.


As far as the acting goes, Verson and Braun are successful in delivering convincing and amusing performances.


This is an intriguing story about a couple having their lives unintentionally affected by a neighbour and the couple affecting the neighbour's life, without them knowing. Sexual stuff aside, this film suggests that sometimes neighbours can be annoying and that they can also be helpful.

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