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average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 11, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Jake Olive
Written by:
Jake Olive
Adam Conveney, Lizzy Owen Smith, Zak Stratton Taylor

The name of the film-"Transition" is very apt considering the genre of the cinematic piece is Science Fiction. The writer- director Jake Olive builds this world relating to time travel and the audience seems pretty interested in this concept. The filmmaker concentrates on two major locations for the narrative to unfold and smooth the flow of the plot. The background music, scribbling on paper, guns and along with it the green bluish color palette used in the movie sets up a sense of urgency and mystery in the minds of the viewers and thus increasing the degree of audience engagement with the cinematic piece. The tracking shot in the opening sequence of the movie gives the audience a chance to figure out what exactly is happening? This gives the makers of the creative piece time to slowly establish the subject matter of the short film.


The premises of the short film revolves around Rick Bridger's (Astrophysicist) is very close to finishing his theory called "The bond in time". A rival theorist is trying to steal the same from him. Will he be able to protect his work and place it in safe hands?


The movie takes the audience on to the journey where it explores various new notions of time. It makes us inquisitive regarding the various possibilities the individual concept can spread its range too. The viewers want to watch this movie multiple times to understand it better. The film wants the audience to believe in theories the protagonist is trying to convey in the short film. The viewers do want him to survive the attack from the rival theorist but whether they are convinced about his theories relating to time is something to be found out at the end of the storyline. The audience tends to stay in an alert mode throughout the movie as there are a lot of twists and turns that are gradually revealed.


The director of the film Jake Olive has given the film an open ending so that the audience can interpret the movie as per their understanding but I feel a more definitive end would be better to help the viewers to figure out the creative piece. The genre of the film and the intensity of the screenplay can make the movie a tough nut to crack.


The set design, the sound track, costume, lighting and the character arc all these elements are carefully planned out by the director and crew of the film to suit the genre of the film. The dialogue delivery and the voice modulation used by the main character help to intensify the plot when required.


The entire cast of the film has done a brilliant job with their respective roles to hold the narrative together and deliver what Jake Olive has in his mind. Adam Coveney deserves a special mention as the character he is playing in the short film has multiple layers. It becomes really difficult for the actor to strike a balance between all the layers of the character and bring out the right one in the right amount and at the right time.

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