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Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 6, 2022

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Toxic Alien Zombie Babes From Outer Space
Directed by:
Gerardo Chierchia
Written by:
David Black
Vixey Teh, Grace Liu, David Black, John Cunningham, Andrew Bianco

The title indicates that this is an unusual movie. And it is.


Planet Earth is being attacked by hostile aliens. Countless of spaceships have arrived at Earth and are causing death, destruction and panic. However, this is not a big-budget-blockbuster with amazing special effects. This is a low-budget science fiction comedy feature was filmed during COVID-19 lockdowns by various filmmakers and the result is a wild movie filled with aliens, flying saucers, laser beams, guns, gore and eccentric characters.


The plot is about extra-terrestrials invading Earth, however the film hardly has a narrative and it is presented almost like a documentary, with many characters filming themselves with webcams or their
mobile phone's camera. There is no main character, although there are a few that could be described as protagonists, such as a social media personality, a Chinese news reader, a strange man wearing a black suit and a jet pilot. Basically, the movie contains many characters and keeps jumping from one person to the next and usually shows people being attacked by the invaders. The action takes place pretty much globally and shows aliens attacking areas in numerous countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain and Kenya. It should be mentioned that this film is not for the easily-offended due to the violence and the dark humour that includes adult and toilet humour.


As this feature was filmed on a small budget, the special effects, the aliens, the flying saucers and the makeup are not convincing (and neither is the acting for that matter), however, this can add to the fun. The unrealistic ways spaceships are shown destroying buildings and slaughtering people can be entertaining thanks to the actor's performances, which come across as comedic. There is also interesting animation that adds to the fun.


Going to the look of the invaders now, they have a form that resembles an Asian woman and they have green skin, fangs like vampires and pointed ears like elves. They do not speak and all they do is attack people with laser beams, mutilating them.


The movie could be viewed as having anti-male messages. The invaders have a female form and they mostly go after men and often kill them by destroying their private parts with laser beams. This could be symbolising a rebellion of women against men.


The feature is separated into chapters, each of which has a title that consists of a numbered day since the invasion began. Each chapter also begins with a couple of hands drawing a cartoonish portrait in fast mostion, accompanied by a chorus. The portrait is actually that of the character that specific chapter will be focusing on.


This science fiction dark comedy pays homage to alien invasion films and also presents a satirical view on social media and mass hysteria. With a duration of two hours it feels overlong and the gruesome violence is likely to shock some viewers. Generally, this is not a movie that should be taken seriously and fans of films such as Peter Jackson's Bad Taste will probably enjoy it.

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Jason Knight
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