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Torn (2023)

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 21, 2023

Film Reviews
Torn (2023)
Directed by:
Colby Cyrus
Written by:
Andrew Medeiros
Eden Tuckman, Andrew Medeiros, Colby Cyrus, Caraline Connor

Two men have an argument over the passing of a woman they were both involved with.


It is the day of the funeral for a young woman named Nora (Tuckman) and her mourners have gathered at her home, following the ceremony. Among them is Corey (Cyrus), who was her husband, and he is aware that Emmett (Medeiros) has arrived and that he is waiting outside. Emmett was having an affair with Nora and Corey decides to go out and confront him. Their conversation turns into a heavy altercation over the circumstances that led to her suicide.


This short poignant drama focuses on the aftermath of a series of hurtful events that led to a person's death. The concept is a woman being torn apart by the two men she is romantically involved with and the effects her passing ended up having on both of them. Corey and Emmett keep accusing each other of destroying Nora and they do not hold anything back. There are two flashbacks, one shows Nora with Emmett and the other shows her with Corey, both of which provide clues regarding Nora's relationship with each man and both had their issues. Emmett was angry with Nora because she was unwilling to leave her husband in order to be with him and Corey is upset with her due to her infidelity and they are dealing with a loss, however, they seem to care for one another. Who is right? Corey or Emmett? Or are they both wrong?


This story contains interesting characters and the actors do a good job in expressing their emotions and struggles. Nora is a married woman who is pushed into despair by unfortunate circumstances. Corey believes that Emmett's actions resulted in Nora taking her own life, while Emmett wanted a new life with her and accuses Corey of having been an unsupportive husband. However, what both men have in common is that they are torn apart by her death.


Music is almost constantly present and it is melancholic, tender or tense and it effectively accompanies the scenes. The flashbacks have different cinematography than the scenes that take place in the present, which is a creative technique.


This film is a sad story about the circumstances that led to a death and the aftermath. It is an emotional and heartbreaking viewing that contains grief, anger, arguing regret and sadness but also love and tenderness. It explores adultery, marriage and loss and has an intriguing plot.

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