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The Virus

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 6, 2022

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The Virus
Directed by:
Philip Brocklehurst
Written by:
Philip Brocklehurst
P.M. Thomas

A deadly virus has spread across the world and a survivor decides to end his life.


A Third World War has taken place and a lethal biological weapon has infected the Earth's atmosphere, causing three quarters of the global population to die. Now a young man (Thomas), who has so far survived the threat, has decided that there is no reason to go on living.


With a duration of approximately four and a half minutes, this short story manages to create quite a depressing, distressing and hopeless atmosphere. The entire story takes place inside the man's bedroom and it is thanks to the information in a text at the start of the film that the audience understands what is going on and why the protagonist feels the way he feels. From start to finish there is no sign of hope, just the knowledge that the world has been torn apart by a virus and the man's current state indicates that there is no future for humanity.


Thomas is the only person in the story and his performance and voice-over are mainly what the film depends on in order to have an impact. The audience observes him as he lies naked on his bed and as he stands in front of the window, contemplating whether he will open the window and let the virus in or not. The voice-over that he provides reveals his state of mind and it is clear that he is all by himself now, the people he loved are gone and he is feeling suicidal.


Things get quite gruesome and gory later on and due to Thomas's acting, it is quite uncomfortable to watch and not for sensitive viewers. It should also be mentioned that there is nudity.


The sinister music by Vladislav Nogin is heard throughout the entire film it plays a key role in creating a dreadful atmosphere.


There are flaws regarding the editing, as there is a sequence that involves fast cutting and the result looks awkward and clumsy. However, there is good use of dissolve techniques.


This short focuses on a virus outbreak and it is shown through one person's perspective. It is a character study and a rather bleak and harrowing experience and it is done rather vividly, making it memorable.

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Jason Knight
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