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The United States of Fashion designer Elie Tahari

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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Sep 7, 2021

Film Reviews
The United States of Fashion designer  Elie Tahari
Directed by:
David Serero
Written by:
David Serero
Elie Tahari, Nicole Miller, Denis Basso, Terri Agins

A successful venture in any field requires passion and desire. It is all about doing what you love. Success in business does not mean a successful life.

The documentary sheds light on the life of Elie Tahari. It exhibits various chapters of Elie's personal as well as professional life. It also talks about elements that inspired the designer to achieve the big dream. Family heritage, America, and the disco era were some of the influences in his life. Elie Tahari loves teaching children who are passionate about becoming a designer. For him likes and dislikes of the customer matter. He concentrates hugely on customer satisfaction and customer feedback.


The documentary is well made. It switches continuously from the childhood struggles, hard work towards the big dream, and life after becoming an established fashion designer. The feature film is in one-to-one interview format. This format helps the audience understand the personality even more closely.


The writer and director of the cinematic piece and the editorial team have constantly tried to keep it interesting by using a film reel to move to different scenes. David Serero also uses animation to portray few sections of his life story to eradicate the boredom for the viewers.


Elie Tahari believes in few mantras in life that have helped him achieve the milestones he set for himself. Life is full of challenges. It makes the growth opportunities even larger. Being humble is the key to success. He doesn't want to retire and continue working for as long as he wants to.


The great designer's narrative has a lot of life lessons hidden in it. It teaches the masses to dare to dream and have the confidence to turn it into a reality. It also trains us through the cinematic piece that even a tiny idea can do wonders for your big dream. The documentary tells us to believe in ourselves and family, and one can achieve anything one desires.

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Swati Verma
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