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The Teen Killer

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 30, 2022

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The Teen Killer
Directed by:
Olivia Medrano
Written by:
Olivia Medrano, Allison O'Connor, Sullivan Smith
Sullivan Grace, Allison O'Connor, Ashton Pulis, Isabel Davison

A teenage serial killer is having trouble disposing of a body.


Alex (Grace) is a teenage girl who kills people. Although she tends to be cautious when she commits murder, one day she kills an acquaintance who payed her an unexpected visit and now she needs to get rid of the body. So she calls two of her friends to assist her. Her friends are Sam (O'Connor) and Kyle (Pulis) and they are unaware of her deranged activities. Will the three of them be able to cover-up the crime?


Regarding the mise-en-scene, there is gore and a disturbing scene in which body parts are being placed inside a blender. When characters are looking at the camera and speaking, a boom microphone appears sometimes, creating comical feelings.


This short thriller is presented as a mockumentary, although not the entirety of it is filmed that way. It begins with Alex holding a clapperboard, looking into the camera and introducing herself as a serial killer. Then a title card states that the events in this 'documentary' are true, apart from the ridiculous bits. This clever and humorous introduction effectively sets up the tone of the story. After Alex talks about her killings and explains why she commits them, the narrative moves to the murder of Becky (Davison) and to the actions that are required in order to dispose of her dead body, which is pretty much the main focus of this film: the killer and her friends trying to get rid of a dead person. And that is not a negative thing, as the plot is intriguing and there is plenty of dark humour.


The acting may not be great, however that does not stop the performances from being amusing. Pulis, especially, is quite comedic as a sensitive guy who freaks out by the shocking situations he unwillingly has to deal with. Alex's stepfather is a good supporting character, who is cheerful and oblivious to his stepdaughter's murderous personality.


The two biggest strengths here are the story and the humour. Having a serial killer as a protagonist and observing her as she does nasty things is something that catches people's attention and the dialogue and gruesome situations are supported well by clever dark humour.


This is an interesting achievement and and those who enjoy dark humour mixed with the slasher genre will most likely find this short comedy thriller appealing.

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Jason Knight
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