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The Spinning Man

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Dec 29, 2022

Film Reviews
The Spinning Man
Directed by:
Jordan Rosenbloom
Written by:
Jordan Rosenbloom, Ben Eisen
Travis Mitchell, Booth Daniels

The writer-director Jordan Rosenbloom introduces the audience to an extraordinary situation the two male protagonists Stan the spinning man (Travis Mitchell) and Jim (Booth Daniels) are trying to combat with.


The plot of the short film-The Spinning Man revolves around a man named Stan a radio jockey who is adapting to a new lifestyle as a result of a nuclear explosion


The film opens with a message playing on the radio along with an eerie sound in the background as the several tracking shots assist the filmmaker to establish the subject matter of the film thus appealing for an emotional connection from the viewers and also increasing the degree of engagement with the content of the movie. The long shot of the blast showcases the details of the long-term effects it had on people living in the vicinity. The colour pallet is a combination of white, blue, red, black, and grey allowing the audience a better understanding and interpretation of the various scenarios the film takes us through. The set design, dim lighting, dialogue, costume, hair, and makeup defines a sense of disruption in the daily routine of the main lead and many others


Travis Mitchell plays Stanley who is forced to live in isolation as things around him turn on his head for the worse. Mitchell through his brilliant acting skills effectively brings out various emotional and physical nuances of human behaviour when exposed to such emergencies. The body language, voice modulation, facial expressions, and eyes communicate the multiple shades portraying the much-required dynamism as a skill to survive the difficult days.

Booth Daniels as Jim is like a breath of air. He adds enthusiasm to the conversation Jim and stan have. Daniels works on creating the contrast while Travis continues chatting subtly making the script interesting for the audience up until the climax. The parallel lead actor does an amazing job to be able to uplift the film and get the desired reaction from Stan the spinning man in the film as well as the viewers watching the same.


The Spinning man pays homage to mankind highlighting the ability to continuously evolve as per the changes in their lives. The short film talks about the importance of searching for self-worth and keeping busy which helps survive the toughest circumstances. The cinematic piece reiterates how critical it becomes to find some sort of mental peace and stability to battle the hardships unpredictable conditions bring with them. The creative piece tells us that struggles in life in a common occurrence and resilience are an essential quality that needs to be developed as sometimes being strong is the option one has.


I want to appreciate the director Jordan Rosenberg and the writer Ben Eisen for keeping the script close to the realism factor and reminding the viewers regarding things we deal with regularly but don’t pay attention to the same very often.

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