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The Shackles

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 19, 2022

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The Shackles
Directed by:
Suraj Vilas Dalvi
Written by:
Suraj Vilas Dalvi
Rekha Dahatonde, Pawan Kale

A couple have a conversation while walking home through the countryside.


It is a hot day and a husband (Kale) and his wife (Dahatonde) are on their way home on foot, carrying bags of goods. They are both eager to get home and relax and have something to eat. While they are walking , they have a chat about the wife's sister and what they are going to do when they arrive home. Following a minor injury, things get more dramatic.


Basically, this short drama follows a couple's journey home and it explores their relationship, which does not appear to be good. The husband disapproves of her sister and tells her off for failing to keep up with him. Later on, things get more tense, as he falls behind and she does not wait for him, resulting in an argument between them.


The husband is the one who expresses negative feelings, including lack of sympathy, cruelty and anger. he comes across as controlling, rude and shows that he also has an aggressive side. The wife is presented as the victim of his behaviour and she tries to put up with him.


Dalvi does a great job as the director and creates well-executed long takes and wonderful establishing shots of nature, which also gain from Akash Bankar's beautiful cinematography.


Music is absent from the film, apart from the score during the closing credits, which closes the film effectively.


This dramatic story focuses on an unhealthy marriage and looks into themes that involve problems that can exist within a marriage, including arguments, cruelty, indifference, controlling behaviour and domestic violence. It is a well-made film and a decent achievement.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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