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The Screenwriter

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 9, 2023

Film Reviews
The Screenwriter
Directed by:
Toby Mortimer
Written by:
Toby Mortimer
Toby Mortimer

A scriptwriter struggles to get his work done.


This short film (approximately five minutes long) focuses on a young man (Mortimer) as he experiences difficulties getting his screenwriting work done. The film has him attempting to write a screenplay on paper, only to end up scrunching the paper, or relaxing on a chair or repeatedly standing in front of a mirror (probably thinking, trying to come up with new ideas). Things take a different turn when he receives a letter that contains bad news, causing him to make an unpleasant phone call that indicates that his writing work is not going well.


Obviously, writer's block is a main theme in this story, along with frustration and desperation and it also provides an insight into the world of scriptwriters, pointing out that it is no easy job. Initially, the protagonist tries hard to get his work done and then, following the letter and phone conversation, he appears to be losing hope and giving up.


The scriptwriter is the only person seen in the film and since he is constantly by himself, in his house, that creates a feeling of isolation. The hero is a guy who is in a bad situation, with everything seemingly taking its toll on him.


This is a more or less silent film, with the first half containing very little sound at all and speech present only during the conversation over the phone. The dramatic and lyrics-free song Alaskan Suite by Lennon Hutton is the only song in the film and it is utilised during the ending.


This is a drama about the struggles of an individual who is going through challenging times and it examines his state of mind and emotional deterioration. It is a character study and a commentary about the demanding work of screenwriting.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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