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The Out

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Nov 15, 2022

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The Out
Directed by:
Harry Brandrick
Written by:
Harry Brandrick
Allan Mustafa, Jamie Christoferson, Savannah Skinner-Henry, Kimberley Okoye

A girl's visit to her troubled father leads to dramatic events.


Liam (Mustafa) has recently been released from prison and is kept under supervision via an ankle monitor. He lives by himself in an apartment and his ex-partner Jade (Okoye) is bringing his young daughter Sofia (Skinner-Henry) to spend the day with him. At first, all goes well, with father and daughter enjoying their time together. However, things change for the worst when Marcus (Christoferson), a no-good acquaintance of Liam appears.


This short could be described as a family drama and to some degree as a crime film. The main idea is a reformed man who wants to leave his criminal past behind him, live a decent life and be a good parent. The story takes place more or less over the course of a day, during which a great deal happens. Liam and Sofia spend quality time together and it is obvious that things between them are OK. It is the arrival of Marcus that creates tension and confrontation, as he is a drug addict and asks Liam for money, which he refuses, much to the annoyance of Marcus. As a result, Liam finds himself in a situation where he must maintain a good relationship with his child, while at the same time trying to deal with Marcus.


The acting is very strong and Mustafa leads the film well as reformed individual who cares deeply for his daughter and wants to move on with his life and stay out of trouble. Christoferson's character could be categorised as the antagonist, the one who threatens Liam's efforts to a lawful life.


Although the vast majority of the film is free from music, there is a wonderful violin score that supports the dramatic atmosphere.


This is a dramatic story that observes an individuals's determination to be good. It is a story about family, about parenthood. It is also about drug addiction, leaving the past behind and making right decisions.

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Jason Knight
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