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The Other Side of Clean

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 13, 2022

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The Other Side of Clean
Directed by:
Chris Guzzo, Jonathan Tierney
Written by:
Chris Guzzo, Jonathan Tierney
Molly Bader, Jonathan Tierney, Andrea Figliomeni, Campbell Symes

A dramatic story about relationships, secrets and parenthood.


This short film has a clever script that tells a story where things are not as they appear to be, by delivering unexpected plot twists.


The narrative begins with Kelly (Bader) and Mark (Tierney) having an argument. It is believed that they are a couple and Kelly has found herself in a position where she has to make a very important decision. Mark believes that the choice is up to her. Once the dilemma is brought to light, the situation seems to be straightforward, however it is later revealed that things are more complicated.


This emotional drama effectively conceals the facts from the viewer and discloses them in clever fashion. Initially, the audience thinks that they understand what is going own and later they find out that there is more to Kelly and Mark than meets the eye. The viewing is quite an emotional ride, with arguments, romance, infidelity, the joy of being a parent and tender scenes of support.


The cast perform very well and Bader is very dramatic as young woman who has found herself in a difficult situation and is unsure how to proceed. The acting by Symes, Figliomeni and Tierney also deserves great praise.


Renee Nabinger develops wonderful cinematography and John Robert Hammerer does a creative job with the editing techniques, adding to the drama. There are interesting sound techniques and the music by Freddy Walker Jr. is beautiful, gentle and sentimental.


A well structured screenplay and strong performances make this short an admirable achievement that is worthy of recognition.

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Jason Knight
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