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The Menu

average rating is 5 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 9, 2023

Film Reviews
The Menu
Directed by:
Natasha Kinaru
Written by:
Natasha Kinaru
James Tratas, Carlotta Morelli, Jack McCullum

The writer-director Natasha Kinaru attempts to address a crucial issue that humans can face in the future looking at how quickly technology and machines are integrating in our lives. Kinaru has utilised comedy as well as drama elements in the script. James Tratas, Carlotta Morelli, and Jack McCullum make the subject matter fun, real, and relatable thus increasing the degree of audience engagement with the content


The plot of The Menu revolves around a futuristic scenario when people are no longer able to experience emotions, a glamourous couple visits a fancy restaurant where they are served exactly what they are hungry for.


The film opens with upbeat peppy background music along with a golden shimmery cloche in the middle of the white screen to reveal the name of the movie exudes a posh vibe and so keeps the viewers interested from the very beginning. The combination of black golden colour tones of The Menu communicates the elegance and luxury required to understand the essence and also elevates the key messages so that the audience learns from it and incorporates the learning into their lives to make it better for themselves along with the friends and family around them. The set design, dim lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props adds the depth to both the narrative as well as the performances of the 3 protagonists necessary to maintain the drama ensuring continuity and smooth flow of the storyline.



In terms of performance, James Tratas plays the man who comes into the restaurant to refill on his emotions as he wants to improve his relationship with his partner/Wife. Tratas showcases the transition between various emotions like Jealousy, compassion, anger, and love effortlessly portraying the elegance in his demeanour all through the running times of the film as per the demand of the screenplay.

Carlotta Morelli plays the woman who is on the verge of losing out on her real personality because of the dearth of emotions therefore she wants to work towards polishing the feelings she needs to reconcile her romantic relationship with her partner/ husband. Morelli with the dressing style, makeup, and body language justifies the conversations and complements the sense of luxury the cinematographer Robert Ford tries to provide in the character arc of the woman Morelli portrays.

Jack McCullum plays the waiter who works in the lavish restaurant where the owners take care of people’s emotional needs. McCullum appears to be their best employee and the customer’s first choice. The actor depicts the right balance between various emotions required to serve what people demand from him. The body language, voice modulation, and facial expressions utilised by Jack McCullum add to the multi-layers giving the audience a lot of aspects of his character to explore and thus the impact created by McCullum stays with them even after watching the film.


The Menu talks about the importance of emotions for people and we should always be capable enough to be in control of our feelings, not depending on external sources for providing us with the emotions required to express ourselves daily. The short film reiterates the need of making efforts towards mending any kind of relationship is of utmost importance as emotions and relationships make up the basics of humanity. The comic piece also tells the viewers about the significance of staying dedicated to the job through the right mix of hard work and smart work.


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Swati Verma
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