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The Last Deal

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 28, 2023

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The Last Deal
Directed by:
Jonathan Salemi
Written by:
Jonathan Salemi
Anthony Molinari, Jeffri Lauren, Mister Fitzgerald, Sala Baker

A marijuana dealer finds himself in deep trouble after a deal with criminals goes wrong.


Vince (Molinari) was enjoying a happy life selling illegal cannabis in Los Angeles. However, after the drug became legal for recreational use in California, things became tough for him and he is refused a dispensary licence. Desperate, he enlists the help of his associate Bobby (Fitzgerald) and the two of them decide to buy a large amount of marijuana from a group of Armenians. Still though, in order to pay for it, they borrow a large sum of money from dangerous people and after they are double-crossed by the Armenians, the two unfortunate dudes must repay the borrowed money within a week or else.


This feature is a race-against-the clock thriller that is set against the backdrop of the legalisation of cannabis in California. The screenplay does a good job in exploring the characters and their situations and in telling an intriguing story filled with suspense, gansters, tense situations and...marijuana. The general concept is heroes-owe-money-to-bad-people-and-must-pay-them-quickly and most of the narrative involves Vince trying to figure a way to get himself out of this mess with the help of several connections, including a pilot and a cannabis grower. Tension gradually picks up as the story progesses and the final act is quite exciting, with shootings and characters getting killed. The script also concentrates on Vince's private life, including his relationship with Tabitha (Lauren).


Vince makes an interesting protagonist. He is a well-meaning guy who knows the cannabis business inside out and wants to live a decent life with his kind-hearted partner. Bobby is pretty much his sidekick, a heavy who also has a good nature. The gangsters' boss (Baker) serves as the antagonist, along with his gang of ruthless and deadly thugs.


Salemi delivers some great aerial shots of Los Angeles and director of photography Dominic Lopez provides beautiful cinematography. Praise also goes to composer Tony Fiala for the atmospheric music.


Basically, this is a crime thriller and a love story about characters having their lives threatened and having to get themselves out of harm's way and it is an interesting and enjoyable viewing. However, the film is also a commentary about the legalisation of marijuana and explores friendship, desperation and the idea of moving on to better things.

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