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The Killers Next Door

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 11, 2023

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The Killers Next Door
Directed by:
Michael A. LoCicero
Written by:
Michael A. LoCicero
David S. Pridemore, Rosanna Jimenez, Michael A. LoCicero, Sean Carmichael

In New Hampshire, two criminals take refuge at a remote cabin, near a place where a couple is staying.


Bobby (Prifemore) is an ex-con and after stealing a car, he finds his estranged foster brother Ryan (LoCicero) and invites him to join him in going to a familiar hut in the countryside for a while. There, they meet Ro (Jimenez) and Sean (Carmichael), a couple who have arrived at a nearby cabin for a short break. The couple and the brothers built a rapport between them, however things turn deadly due to Bobby and Ryan's actions.


This crime thriller has a storyline that alternates between the brothers and the couple. Unsurprisingly, it is the brothers' experiences that are more interesting, as they commit criminal acts that include threatening a shopkeeper and his granddaughter, killing and burying dead bodies. The couple remain unaware of the terrible deeds that their new neighbours are up to and go about their business and spend some time looking for their dog, who goes missing. Initially, the brothers commit theft, intimidation and break-in and it is not until later that things escalate into murder. The screenplay explores the relationship between the brothers and the one between the couple and as the four of them interact with each other, things eventually lead to conflict.


Pridemore is the one who steals the show as a menacing criminal whose propensity for violence is the main element that moves the story forward. Bobby comes across as a sexual predator, shows no remorse for his vile acts and enjoys tormenting people. LoCicero's character is a man who wants to leave his criminal past behind, but is unwillingly drawn back into it by Bobby. The only thing the two foster brothers seem to have in common is a shared fondness for beer. Ro and Ryan are a pretty much normal couple, with Ryan being a friendly and welcoming individual and Ro being more apprehensive and suspicious of the two strangers.


There are some impressive aerial shots and well-executed long takes. The significance of coyote statues might not be very clear, still it is an interesting addition. Alex Uriati makes a significant contribution with the ominous music that includes low and tense drumming.


This feature certainly has an intriguing plot, with nail-biting moments and brutal deeds. It is a crime story that follows the complications that occur when two criminals encounter two law-abiding people and it is a story that is filled with drama, murder and tension.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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