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The jar

average rating is 4 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 17, 2021

Film Reviews
The jar
Directed by:
Carleton Rodgers
Written by:
Carleton Rodgers
Brandon Brownlee, Paul McGuinness, Rachel McGrane, CaolanJohnson,

The film opens with a child wearing a space helmet with instructions of a mission playing in the background. This scene gives the audience the idea that the little boy has a dream of becoming an astronaut. The child collects money in a jar for the same purpose. The plot also revolves around the relationship between the father and son. The father (Paul McGuinness) tries very hard to support Jake's dream despite the financial troubles and work difficulties.

The story also focuses on the struggles the little protagonist faces as a family unit and at school to fulfill his desire to embrace space. Jake(Brandon Brownlee) finds himself closer to his wish of attending a space school by facing all the challenges put forward by Brandon(Caolan Johnston). The plot point that breaks Jake into pieces is when he finds his dad injured because of an accident. The father is in a deep financial crisis. The money in the jar is the only way the duo can pay for the rent and food. Jake can only watch his dream shatter in front of his eyes. He wears his helmet and goes into his fantasy land of the planets and stars, moves towards the sun to avoid the reality of his life. Jake comes out of his dream to find out that his jar is empty.

Paul McGuinness can portray the father's feeling so effortlessly. The father is very emotional, heartbroken, and helpless when he has to destroy all the hopes and dreams his son had out of life to deal with the monetary issues in their household.

Sarah (Rachel McGrane) and Norton (WillOHare) are two more members from Team Jake who support him at school. Sarah is a courageous person who holds Jake together as she dares to stand up to Brandon when he tries to be unreasonable towards Jake. The viewers make up the fourth pillar in the support system of Jake. The audiences choose to dislike Brandon as well and protect the lead character against all odds.

The director/writer (Carleton Rodgers) has managed to keep the audience involved with the film up until the end. The screenplay is simple, and it does not seem to be lengthy. The film has an open-ended closure. The viewers get the freedom to analyze and interpret the cinematic piece as they want to.

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