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The florist

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Mar 26, 2022

Film Reviews
The florist
Directed by:
Priyam Chanda
Written by:
Kausani Mitra
Sushovan Dasgupta, Dipak Das, Ashmita Bhaduri

The title of the short film-"The Florist" suggests that the role of the florist and flowers holds utmost importance in the smooth movement of the narrative. The film falls under the genre of social drama. The director Priyam Chanda and writer Kausani Mitra together weave a screenplay to highlight the underlying subject while wrapping it up for the audience as a social drama about a dysfunctional marriage set-up. The use of close-up shots and the tracking shot is an attempt by the camera-man Arjit Sorkar to showcase various aspects of the personality of the protagonist. The camera captures the city of Kolkata so beautifully to complement the mood as well as the subject of the film. The news on the television has been effectively used to portray the tension and irreparable damage the wedding is going through. There is no dialogue in the movie yet the actors manage to display the dynamics between all the three characters effortlessly. The yellow rose symbolizes friendship and joy. This also indicates the efforts Anish is taking to safeguard his relationship with his wife. The elements like lighting, the colour palette of the set design, and background music have been incorporated into the plot elegantly to steer the audience towards an unexpected conclusion of the film.


The plot of the film revolves around two strangers whose life becomes tied to each other due to a certain situation. Will this journey for both these individuals prove to be fruitful or will it become a nightmare for them is worth watching.


In terms of performances in the film, Sushovan Dasgupta who plays the role of Anish works very hard on the nuances of the character so that Dasgupta can bring out the emotional turmoil within the central character while he chooses to be strong about the crumbling ties with his better half. Dipak Das who plays the title role is outstanding in the movie. Das portrays the pains, struggles the florist is going through in his life through his eyes. Though Ashmita Bhaduri has a very small role to contribute to the storyline of this short film she supports both these male characters to give the necessary boost to the structure of the film.


Priyam Chanda the director of this short film asserts the point of the importance of communication, love, respect, and understanding in any relationship. The need to make efforts and express what one feels by both parties is very crucial. The filmmaker tries to give the audience very hard hitting content with a subtle treatment of the film in terms of the script. I believe Cinema is a very good medium to bring about the necessary changes we need to integrate within our surroundings. This is a good step towards the same.


To conclude I would like to say that Priyam Chanda handles the sensitive subject with utmost grace and care but the film tends to lose the attention of the audience at some points in the story. The movie needs to work a little harder to increase the degree of the audience engagement with the creative piece.

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Swati Verma
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