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The Find

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 1, 2022

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The Find
Directed by:
Erik Bostedt
Written by:
Adam Richard Carroll
Sacha Alexander, Karen Birch

A professional meditator finds a large parcel full of cash.


A meditation expert (Alexander) lives with his partner (Birch) in a house near the beach. One day, while going for a walk by the seaside, he comes across a mysterious package and discovers that it contains money. He keeps it, a decision that puts his life in danger, as there are sinister people who are looking for it.


This short begins as a peaceful drama and moves towards thriller territory. The story is not just about a person finding lost money and facing the consequences of not reporting the discovery, as the screenplay spends a great deal of time exploring the main character's life. The main character works from home, where he has a studio that he uses to make meditation videos, which he then puts online. It is clear that, apart from a passion for meditation, he also enjoys nature and photography, as he goes for walks at the beach and takes photographs. His relationship with his partner is also shown, which is a blissful one, with the two of them meditating together, living a quiet life and planning to open a meditation centre. Although the scenes that involve the lost money add tension, nothing is revealed about the identity of the men who are searching for it, making the narrative being mostly about the protagonist's life and aspirations.


Dialogue is limited, leaving the viewer to understand the story and the characters through their actions. Alexander is very convincing as a professional meditator, who wants to move on to better things and Birch does a good job as his partner who supports him.


Bostedt's superb directing is one of the highlights of this film. He creates wonderful establishing shots of beaches and perfectly captures the beauty of the area. There are also creative shots that show the action through the protagonist's camera point of view. Carroll worked on the beautiful cinematography and was also responsible for the editing, where he did a marvellous job, utilising dissolve techniques to great effect.


The sound is another strong aspect. The filmmakers effectively capture the sound of waves, almost making the viewer feel like they are by the ocean. The dramatic music is another magnificent addition and includes piano score.


This is a very well made film, with an intriguing plot and dramatic atmosphere. It is an interesting viewing that deserves praise and recognition.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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