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The Feature

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 25, 2023

Film Reviews
The Feature
Directed by:
Ian Adams
Written by:
Ian Adams, Joe Reid
Mark Agar, Joe Reid, Sadhbh Larkin Coyle, James Agnew

A group of people in Ireland collaborate in order to make a low-budget film.


Mossy (Agar) wants to get into the film business and he has written a screenplay. After failing to attract the attention of several producers, he and his friend Rob (Reid) decide to make the movie themselves. So, they manage to assemble a team that consists of two actors, Ben (Agnew) and Lisa (Coyle), runner Luke (Darragh Gilhooly), sound technician Milo (Pius Ojo) and stuntman Jay (Adams). Together, these individuals must overcome personal and professional obstacles if they are to make the movie happen.


This dark comedy uses one person's ambition in order to tell an entertaining story about the film industry. The fun mostly comes from the characters that are recruited for the feature, most of which have never worked in films and they are quite interesting. Lisa is a rebellious young woman who gets the lead acting part even though she has no experience, Luke is a sensitive and vulnerable guy who becomes a runner also without experience, Jay has a tough guy attitude and Milo is an awkward one who wears a coonskin cap. Ben comes across as the most sensible of the bunch and takes his role seriously as he has acted before. As the cast crew interact between them, it leads to arguments and awkward situations. Director Mossy goes through significant character development throughout the process as he tries to film the picture, because he treats everyone badly and realises that he must change his ways in order to have a good team. The script contains plenty of clever and adult humour and explores a variety of issues that include working in the film industry, friendship, respect, determination and bullying. There are quarrels, a nasty accident, emotional moments and some punching.


All the main cast does a good job with their characters and they manage to be amusing. Adams particularly stands out as the aggressive Jay with his do-not-mess-with-me attitude.


There are wonderful aerial shots and well-constructed montage sequences. The film also benefits from an entertaining soundtrack.


To summarise, this is a story about a number of eccentric characters who are brought together and how their interactions affect each other. It could be categorised as a feature about filmmaking, one that offers a comedic view about making movies, however, it is also about strangers working together towards a common goal, it is about self-discovery, being considerate and respectful and never giving up.


Adams has created another great film, following The Lads and Manhunt and it is exciting to think about what the future holds.

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