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The Eyes Hide It

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 7, 2023

Film Reviews
The Eyes Hide It
Directed by:
Pritanko Ghatak
Written by:
Pritanko Ghatak
Sandipan Das, Shubhranil Bhowmick

The director-writer Pritanko Ghatak likes to address crucial problems that has been a menace slowly transforming into a social stigma, we need to raise our voices against such evils that has engrossed us completely. Ghatak through the two protagonists Dipendu(Sandipan Das) and Rahul(Shubhranil Bhowmick attempts to show the aspects of life we often tend to turn a blind eye to in our daily hustle.


The plot of the feature film-The Eyes Hide It revolves around two strangers who are tied together by a weird request/proposal that plays a pivotal role in turning their lives to a direction which changes it for the better.


The film opens with a black screen and the voiceover of the photographer followed by a long shot of Dipendu trying hard to laugh. By doing this the Cinematographer Satyam Deb Roy establishes the mindset the male protagonist is in giving the viewers an opportunity to understand him to increase the degree of audience engagement with the content. The black and white colour palette utilised to represent different viewpoints of the two characters with respect to the subject matter the film deals with. The set design, lighting, background music, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been kept natural to elevate the impact the movie wants to create with the key messages and appeal to a wider set of audience as well.


In terms performance, Sandipan Das plays Dipendu who is distressed to the point of choosing suicide as a solution for his problems but things get a little better as he finds a friend to confide in. Das with his body language, dialogues, voice modulation, facial expressions, and eyes to portray the emotional trauma adding elements of realism and relatability so that the audience can get involved with the narrative and also learn from the same.

Shubhranil Bhowmick as Rahul the photographer tries to maintain a positive outlook towards life even after experiencing the bitter side of it as teenager. Bhowmick understands the nuances of the multi-layered Rahul balancing the emotions and logic required for conversations happening amidst the two male protagonists.


The Eyes Hide It talks about suicide not being a solution to every problem in life. The dramatic piece reiterates the importance of sharing one’s trouble with friends and family to feel relieved as suicide affects everyone related to the person who has decided to take the extreme step. The Bengali film restates the significance of being greatful for the happiness and the need to relearn how to smile naturally as we have forgotten it due to many challenging situations in life. The cinematic piece highlights the fact that people want to loved ones happy even when they are sad or depressed. The creative piece tells us that Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs cannot be consumed in order to find a way to get rid of hard times and look for peace.

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