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The Deportation of a Model Citizen

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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 3, 2022

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The Deportation of a Model Citizen
Directed by:
Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Written by:
Pernille Hyllegaard, Jacob Thomas Pilgaard
Thalita Beltrao Sorensen, Joey Moe, Mads Hjulmand, Soren Vejby

Two policemen escort a young woman refugee to the airport, from where she will be deported back to her country.


Inspired by true events, this moving short film from Denmark focuses on Aida (Sorensen), a refugee from Syria, who is about to be taken back to her country against her will. The story takes place shortly before Christmas, on the day that the police arrive at her doorstep, with the intention of driving her to the airport. On the way there, Aida asks the two officers Lasse (Moe) and Marcel (Hjulmand) to briefly stop at a friend's house and at her school, so that she can say her farewells.


The main themes of this film are the controversies that surround the deportation of refugees. The screenplay looks at the suffering and sadness that is caused by the deportation process and this is shown through the eyes of Aida, a kind and decent person who has built a life for herself outside of Syria and has big plans for the future. All this is about to come to an end with her being forced to leave the country. The emotional pain that Aida goes through is vividly shown and so is the pain of the ones that care about her, including a close friend (Cecilie Elisabeth Bogo Bach) and her school principal (Vejby). The narrative begins with Aida living a happy life and enjoying a board game and it is quite distressing watching her life and everything she has worked for being left behind.


The story is also told through the perspective of the two escorting police officers, particularly Lasse. Marcel appears sympathetic regarding what Aida is going through, while Lasse is inconsiderate, although his point of view changes as he spends more time with her and begins to understand the damage the deportation is causing, the suffering she is going through because of what she is leaving behind and the unknown future that awaits her.


The film also presents facts about Syrian refugees, and reveals that many who are deported back to Syria face devastating consequences. By presenting this information, the film shows support towards refugees.


Regarding the acting, everyone in the cast delivers a great performance. Sorensen is very emotional as a person who is facing a very tough situation and the audience will most likely feel for her. Her character represents the struggles that refugees go through when they are deported. Moe also has an interesting role as a police officer who goes through significant character development as he witnesses the pain that Aida is experiencing.


Anna Roemer and Rasmus Juncker worked on the music and did a fantastic job that resulted in a score that is very dramatic and adds a lot of emotion to the scenes.


This short drama raises awareness of the effects that deportation has on people and suggests that it is unfair. By having a refugee as the main character and presenting them as a hard-working and good individual, the film shows how people's lives are destroyed by being deported and implies that the system can be cruel.

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Jason Knight
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