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The Chicken Coop: A Baby Chick Bawkumentary

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 12, 2022

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The Chicken Coop: A Baby Chick Bawkumentary
Directed by:
Sawyer Ique
Written by:
Sawyer Ique
Sawyer Ique

A short animated film about chickens.


Although it operates like a documentary (or maybe mockumentary would be more appropriate), this one-minute-long cartoon also has a bit of a narrative as well. Basically, it focuses on baby chickens misbehaving while the adult chickens are away. Texts appear that explain how things are normally done regarding baby chickens being fed by their parents and how sometimes, the little ones can be mischievous when they look for food. The texts are accompanied by animation that is related to the words.


The animation is rather cartoonish, with the chicken characters and environments looking rather simple, without much detail, which is not a bad thing as it is still pleasing to the eye and the bright colours are a plus. The texts consist of black letters that appear and disappear with style.


Regarding the audio, there are cool sound effects throughout that add to the fun. The music consists primarily of an enjoyable piano melody.


During its one minute duration, the film contains many scenes and texts and everything moves quite quickly, for instance, a scene can last for a couple of seconds and so does the appearance of the texts. Taking everything on board might be a challenge during the first viewing and a couple additional viewings could be required if one is to understand the show from start to finish. Things may have been better if the pace was slower.


Although it runs fast, this cartoon does not fail to please with the animation, sound effects and score. Viewers might think that it could have been better if it was longer, nevertheless, this animated short delivers an amusing experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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