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The Andes: 50 years Later

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Feb 25, 2022

Film Reviews
The Andes: 50 years Later
Directed by:
Chris McNaughton
Written by:
Chris McNaughton
Eduardo Strauch

The backdrop and title of the short film chosen by the director Chris Mcnaughton get the film to right away appeal to the emotions of the masses. The opening sequence of the documentary has a message about the importance of love. In the very first shot, the camera tracks the museum to flush the audience with memories of the 1972 real-life incident. The use of the projector to showcase the old photos of the people who were present at the time transports the viewers to the same timeline. The musical track by Simon Daum and Yo Yo Ma complements the theme of the short film and assists the makers to bring out the range of emotions all of the people involved are feeling.


The storyline of the cinematic piece is based on a true event. The plane carrying a rugby team from Montevideo Uruguay crashed into the high Andes Mountain. The film tells the extra- ordinary tale of the 16 survivors beating all the natural hurdles for straight 72 days. These people who battled through all the terrifying circumstances and miraculous events deserved to be remembered and document their struggles so that the audience gets to know about their bravery.


The short film/documentary takes the form of a firsthand narration from one of 16 survivors- Eduardo Strauch. The use of a real survivor in the buildup of the narrative and the natural lighting in each frame of the movie and newspaper article in the museum provides a sense of realism to the documentary. The introduction and voice modulation of Eduardo Strauch highlights the pain, struggle, conflict and, misery. It is very difficult to relive the tormenting experience again and again. Eduardo is brave to do so and share his experience with us through this beautiful film. The camera-man manages to capture the magnificent landscape of the sight of the crash. The beautiful location chosen for the shooting of the movie by the cast and crew is a great choice so that they enjoy the picturesque view while absorbing the moving storyline of the cinematic piece. The makers also showcase the model of the planes used in 1972 with the help of the old clips available to them. This was done so that the topic of the movie becomes relatable to the audience and they don’t get bored with the historical event the film sheds light on.


The documentary reminds us of a few very important life lessons that we tend to forget/ take for granted. It tells how crucial it is to be adaptive to the given situation. The film also reiterates the importance of nature, the presence of love in one's life, and the power of the human mind. Both love and the mind become critical factors for pushing oneself towards survival. It also teaches us that looking for happiness in consumerism rather than within oneself is the wrong way and then blaming the world for the mindset isn’t right.


The short film gives out even the minute details of the real life plane crash giving importance to continuity in the creative piece so that the audience knows all about heroic tale of the event.

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