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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 22, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Harvard John
Written by:
Harvard John
Patric Basse, Emma-Kate Barry, Laura Jackson, Callum Henderson, Samuel Nichols

A mini golf course turns into a war zone as four golf players ruthlessly go against each other.


Tensions are high during try outs for the last place on Britain's first Collegiate Crazy Golf Tour. Two English golfers (Nichols and Barry) and two Russians (Jackson and Henderson) just cannot resist giving each other a hard time and trying every way possible to sabotage their efforts. The scorer (Basse) has had enough of this unacceptable behaviour and is warning them to clean up their act or they can forget about their golf ambitions. His patience turns out pointless, as the four candidates are stubborn and determined to succeed, even if that means resorting to violence and cheating.


This short story is a rather entertaining slapstick comedy, filled with clever humour and playful fighting. The four mischiefs are very funny as they behave like five-year-olds, looking to thwart their rivals in various ways, including making them trip with their clubs or distracting them while they attempt to show their golf skills. Basse is also amusing as a sensible man who is making his best efforts to keep the peace and maintain order but to no avail.


The film begins with the scorer lecturing the golfers about their unacceptable actions and after he walks away, they engage in a dispute between them, verbally insulting each other. It then moves to the highlight, which is a montage of the four of them bullying each other during try outs, while the scorer look on in disbelief.


The wonderful jazz score that accompanies the montage makes the experience even more humorous. Credit also goes to the stylized closing credits.


Watching Swingers is kind of like viewing an episode of Tom and Jerry, with four immature adults going after each other. This accomplishment offers ten minutes of amusement that are worth the experience.

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