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Spooky Bastard

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 25, 2023

Film Reviews
Spooky Bastard
Directed by:
Michael Bird, Rafe Bird
Written by:
Michael Bird, Rafe Bird
Rafe Bird, Vicki Reckless

The word Spooky incorporated in the title of the short film usually refers to Sinister or ghostly in a way that causes fear and unease assisting the filmmakers to increase the audience engagement with the content via the leading couple Jamie (Rafe Bird) and Helena (Vicki Reckless).


The plot of Spooky Bastard revolves around a loud crash in the middle of the night, and a cloaked figure in the garden one thing is for certain…. Jamie has found himself in a horror movie-and boy does he hate it when that happens! The ethereal cloaked figure has just one purpose…to spook. But what happens when it isn’t working? Well, things got to get really spooky… Now Jamie and his girlfriend Helena must discover how to rid themselves of the enraged Spooky Bastard so that they can just get a good night’s sleep…And wait for the credits to roll.


In the opening sequence, a long shot of the house is shown followed by a close-up shot and mid-shots of the male protagonist along with eerie sounds in the background to elevate the horror genre and also adding hints of comedy to establish the subject matter the film deals with. The movie has incorporated comic references in the carefully written conversations between characters related to Nottingham providing it with the necessary local vibes so that the viewers relate to the same. The makers have decided to create a contrast by taking up the domestic issues every husband and wife go through daily so that the audience feels involved and does not get bored with the constant mention of Western and science fiction themes. The white, black, and blue colour pallet, camera angles, set design, dim lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props complement the switch between different genres and elements ensuring the continuity and smooth flow of the narrative.



In terms of performance, Rafe Bird plays Jamie who is a fun-loving person who loves his life with his better half but soon is dealing with a spirit in a horror movie. Bird exudes brilliant comic timing in his body language, voice modulation, dialogue delivery, and the reaction shots given by him in a situation as per the demand of the script.

Vicki Reckless as Helena is high on energy attempting to strike a balance between professional as well as personal life. Reckless portrays a fearless attitude as she deals with the situation. She is all calm and composed initially but takes the form of a ninja later. The young actress is a true inspiration to many making Helena relatable in the eyes of the audience.


The Spooky Bastard talks about functioning as a unit to deal with any unforeseen emergencies. The short film also reiterates the need for emotional support and understanding between couples or families to combat and survive the testing times. The horror film celebrates womanhood and tells us that asking for help from women in one’s life should be a matter of pride, especially wives because it truly defines partnership in a wedlock.

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