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Something Flash

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 16, 2023

Film Reviews
Something Flash
Directed by:
Alessandro Amaducci
Written by:
Kris Vanderheyden

A music video with mobile phones, funny faces, punk, dance floors, office workers, a woman with a baseball bat and the Joker.


Something Flash is a song from the album In Order To Dance 4.0 by R&S Records and it is the work of Belgian music producer Kris Vanderheyden, who is also known as Insider.


The video is five-and-a-half minutes long and the constant accompanying sound is the title song and being put together with the images creates quite a ride.


Visually, the video is basically a montage that contains a variety of subjects that alternate between them and it mixes live action with animation. These subjects include closeups of people looking into the camera, with their faces cartoonishly altered and surrounded by symbols that are found in social media, such as 'Thumbs Up', 'Hearts' and 'Emojis', floating around the person. Other shots show people with changed faces again taking selfies and surrounded by floating symbols, while others have a man in a suit, with a television instead of a head. Sequences that are not animated consist of people dancing, rioting and a man wearing makeup that resembles the 2019 film Joker. All these shots alternate between them throughout, along with two characters who make frequent appearances. These two characters are a live action woman wearing punk clothing and an animated woman holding a baseball bat, also dressed in punk clothing and she looks like Harley Quinn.


The video appears to be satirising society's obsession with mobile phones and social media and the world of high-tech corporations and rebelling against them. This is indicated with the funny faces taking selfies, along with the symbols, the suited man with a TV head and scenes where the punk woman has been edited in front of occupied offices and boardrooms, primarily sticking her tongue out and a scene where fire is coming out of her mouth, torching social media heart symbols. Punk is sometimes associated with rebellion and the character of Joker represents anarchy and having these two present could mean an opposition against a world dominated by technology and rules and the footage of people dancing could be an idea that people should stop being slaves to a system and dance in order to be free.


Listening to the Dance/Electronic track Something Flash, while watching the intriguing and occasionally awkward images is quite an experience. The dynamic song is the kind that would be very appropriate for a dance floor and it provides more energy to the images. There are no words, apart from the few that are uttered by the Joker character.


This is a super cool music video. What the main message is might be open to interpretation, however its true value lies in the awesome song and the creative animation. It offers entertainment and for the viewers who are interested in looking into its themes, it offers a thoughtful experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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