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average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Apr 22, 2023

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alessandro Amaducci
Written by:
Djena Altrad, Benoit Dumas
Almad, Catena

A dynamic music video with masks, dancers, horses and clocks.


With a duration of approximately five minutes, this video is basically a montage of many shots, some of which appear to be related to others. Beginning with a robotic horse running, the film moves on to a series of shots of masked people. Each of these shots contains either one, two or three people who are wearing masks (rather cool ones too), some of which look like TV screens with moving images and some appear to be in a club, while others are in an environment that consists of electronic lights that are moving and flashing. These people are dancing and some do not wear much clothing, some that stand out are one who holds two katanas and an unmasked woman with long white hair who is holding a bunch of burning flowers. Things then move on to a group of horses running in slow motion, a shot of a knight from the game of chess, analog and digital clocks going backwards and scenes where the camera is rapidly moving through an abandoned building or over a river or a field of flowers.


The shots mentioned above are intriguing to watch and what their presence in this video means could be open to interpretation. Masked people dancing, horses running, nature, clocks turning back time, all these seem to have no connection with each other, which is not a bad thing as they are all nice to look at and creatively edited together.


This is a music video and the music is certainly there and adds value. The awesome track that dominates from start to finish is Ultimatum, by French music duo Som.1, that consists of Djena Altrad and Benoit Dumas. The electronic dance song contains few lyrics and it is the heavy bass, tense drums and fast breakbeats that do all the talking.


The 3D animation deserves commendations and there are parts where the shots are a camcorder's point-of-view and why that choice was made feels unclear as it does not seem to add anything.


The song Ultimatum was taken from the album In Order To Dance 4.0, which consists of tracks by a variety of artists, including the track Something Flash, which was utilised by Amaducci in another music video. And just like Something Flash, he created an entertaining experience with many images that are accompanied by a song that will most likely make the viewer want to dance.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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