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Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 27, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Arindam Chatterjee
Written by:
Arindam Chatterjee, Sulgna Chatterjee
Alice Vaid, Obaid Khan

The word Smriti is aptly utilised by writer-director Arindam Chatterjee which means remembrance, reminiscence, or simply the memory that becomes the idea of an intricate script narrating how people get affected by it in the long run. Alice Vaid and Obaid Khan play the role of leading pair Alice and Arjun respectively allowing Arindam Chatterjee to make an impact with the story as well as increasing audience engagement encouraging them to build an emotional connection.


The plot of Smiriti revolves around Alice who is a sought-after property restorator is hired to restore a wealthy woman’s estate located in a secluded place. She comes with her boyfriend Arjun on a work trip. She becomes trapped in a haunted Bungalow. As she fights to escape the place, she must confront her past traumas and dark secrets to find healing. All this leads to a shocking revelation that changes everything.


Smriti begins with the camera panning into a long shot of the beautiful vegetation followed by a series of mid shots of the car journey and two leads of the movie. The set design, colour palette, camera angles, lighting, location, music/sound, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props are kept natural to suit the combination of the two genres Horror as well as a psychological thriller. The creative team has given us well written conversations between various characters that help the director establish the subject matter of the film and make sure that viewers engage with the content. The nonlinear pattern provides depth and therefore adds elements of realism and relatability to the narrative.



In terms of Performance, Alice Vaid plays Alice Oberoi who is a simple yet career-oriented girl who wants to find the right balance between career and love but things change drastically for her as soon as she arrives at the Bungalow. The young actress with her acting prowess attempts to take the burden of smoothly moving the narrative and also making sure that the viewers feel involved with the storyline all through the running time of the short film. The reaction of Alice Vaid to each subplot specially with the shots involving horror or psychological factor is nicely done utilising body language, voice modulation, facial expression, and eyes.

Obaid Khan plays the role of Arjun Alice’s love Interest. Arjun comes with her on a work trip to spend some romantic/quality time with her and is ready to help her in every way possible to deal with the trauma this trip has caused her. Khan lightens up the mood of the audience with his much-needed punch lines. Khan understands the nuances of his character becoming the ideal boyfriend every girl deserves. The actor depicts the right mix of emotion and logic to do justice to the director’s vision.


Smriti talks about the importance of family, friends as well as the loved ones, especially in the difficult times. The short film emphasises on the need to embrace one’s past and accept it to combat the problems life can bring with it. The dramatic piece discusses the issue of mental health and being open to asking for help for the same or else there are chances of it worsening in the long run.

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